Mari’s “Boo’d Up” Is Cool and Confident – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019 – Donald Trump – American Idol – America`s Got Talen

Mari’s “Boo’d Up” Is Cool and Confident – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Mari Jones The Voice 

Team Adam's Mari battles Selkii with "My My My!" in The Voice Cross Battles.

Mari vs Anthony Ortiz 

Mari likes being bold with her hair and makeup.  She grew up in a musical family, her parents are worship leaders.  Anthony says it’s a dream to work with Charlie Puth.  He grew up in a skateboarding family and working in a bakery.  They were both one chair turns for Team Adam.   Anthony says Mari is tough competition.  Charlie says Mari reminds him of Esperanza, a jazz singer and Anthony reminds him of himself at that age.  The song is in a male key so Mari will have to work a little bit harder.  The stage rehearsal goes well, Anthony is wearing a weird red hat.  Mari is ready to go.

Anthony starts off, he has such an airy voice.  Mari’s voice is more powerful.  Anthony is wearing one suspender and the red beanie hat.  Mari has on a sparkly jumpsuit.  Mari’s a little hard to understand in a few places, but I’m not a fan of Anthony’s style of voice.  Don’t really care who wins this one.  This is okay, but nothing special.  Tonight a little disappointing so far.  I’m still waiting for the energy in this song.  Meh.  Blake says it was a fun performance.  Anthony sings like he’s whispering, and Mari has fun stage presence.  Kelly tells them vocally it was great, Mari killed it.  John said Mari took ownership of the song gave her energy and funk.  Adam liked their chemistry and energy.  Felt the nerves got Anthony, but he finished strong.  Mari was amazing, they did a great job.  The winner of this battle is….. Mari!  (Not surprising based on coaches comments).    Adam says Mari is just a little superstar who comes out of nowhere.  Anthony appreciates the platform and the advice. Anthony Ortiz is eliminated.

They are not showing us the artists face, but three judges (sans Blake) turn in the first few seconds.  She’s got a cool vibe, wearing red pants and orange turtle neck.  She has a smooth voice, putting lots of energy, and runs into the song.  I thought it was a little over done but audience loved it.  Different, and solid performance.  Three judges on their feet.  

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Kelly likes her headvoice, fluid.  John says Mari comes off as confident.  Mari tells them she grew up listening to John and Adam.  Adam tells her she’s 1976, and he turned around because she doesn’t do things the way other people do, and he thinks he can help her intergrate into the show the best.  Blake advocates for John by walking behind him and pointing.  Mari picks after the commercial break…

Mari picks… Team Adam!  after apologizing to Blake.  Adam says she has jazzy chops, she’s different and cool.  Mari says she picked Adam because he really wanted to push her forward.

Adam is on fire today!  Oop John Legend just says the same thing.

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