Marcio Donaldson Sing A Song for American Idol: Jealous by Labrinth

Marcio Donaldson Auditions for American Idol with “Jealous” by Labrinth

Marcio Donaldson Auditions for American Idol with "Jealous" by Labrinth

Marcio Donaldson auditions for American Idol in front of Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with "Jealous" by Labrinth.

Marcio Donaldson sings a twist on "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin for his Hollywood Week Solo Performance on American Idol 2018.

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Viewers reacted:

Rodney middleton
Damn straight to my heart, bless this young man give him all the courage, stamina and love and lots of luck for him and that beautiful child, need more tissues

Judy Charles He made me cry like Luke Bryan does. When they do that you know they're good and get to me. Keep up the good work. Love y'all

Buffy Daniels The talents this year is to THE MOON…Im so happy they love the raw talents as opposed to the Already Made talents. We get to watch the reallI y grow. The judges are just awesome awesome and awesome.

Mary Howe This is by far the best season of American Idol. So much laughter, so many tears and just so worth 2 Hours of my time and that's a lot for me!! Good Luck contestants!!

Tammy Jennings This man right here is the reason I wish I was rich because I’d give him a few hundred thousand dollars! Go rock Hollywood

Michelle Nuñez França I'm surprised Lionel Ritchie didn't mention how he could relate to this young man. Nicole was adopted by him when one of his band members wasn't ready for parenthood.

Pamela M Sherman Everyone seems to have such incredibly sad stories….you definitely need tissues when watching these episodes

Mary Harrison Laws Amazing story and this is what a real man looks like. He stepped up and this is the type person who should receive help to raise that precious baby. God bless this young man and that little angel.

Debbie A Blue This is a real man. One who takes care of their own n it wasn't even his child. Love him true inspiration that love for one another can truly overcome all odds. Best of luck to him and want a Team Marcio Donaldson Shirt

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