Marcio Donaldson American Idol 2018 Performances

Marcio Donaldson American Idol

Not everyone is a product of their environment . People do make it out, and become amazing like this young man . God bless him on his new journey. What an example of a man and overall loving human being.

marcio donaldson american idolMarcio Donaldson American Idol

American Idol is no stranger to moving contestant backstories. People come from all across country to audition for the show, and they come from all different backgrounds and with different life experiences. Often they share these experiences on the show, endearing them to both the judges and the audience before they even open their mouths to sing. And this season, very few contestants have a more compelling backstory than Top 24 finalist Marcio Donaldson. But who is American Idol's Marcio Donaldson, and what are his chances of winning American Idol?

 Apparently, Marcio’s social media habits are WEAK SAUCE. He didn’t even have a photo on his twitter. Bobby makes him promise to post two Instagram photos a week. Marcio is dubious.

 His social media aversion is kind of refreshing to be honest. Marcio pulls out some old school soul for a very sexy, classy performance of the Natalie Cole hit. It’s a slightly  different vibe from the singer. Oh. He’s crying again. I mean–sure he’s been through a lot.  But this dude is always crying.

“I knew Natalie,” says Lionel, “Natalie was watching you on that song.” Katy loves Marcio so much, “I’m so proud of you…you’ve come so far. You’re growing with leaps and bounds.” Oh Katy is close to tears too. “Take on the posture of your power,” she says.Marcio’s tears are flowing now.

“You keep surviving this competition,” says Luke, “You just delivered a world class performance.” The judges take the stage to hug him. “This performance meant a lot to me,” says Marcio. 

Marcio Donaldson sings "Inseparable" by Natalie Cole for his Top 24 Solo performance in front of a live audience and Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

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Marcio Donaldson and Allen Stone sing "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye for their Top 24 All-Star Duets performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018

Marcio Donaldson on American Idol performance

Marcio Donaldson American Idol captured the hearts of America when he showed up to his American Idol audition with his infant son, Rashaad, in tow. Marcio had actually auditioned for the show before, in Season 16, but didn't make it past the group round in Hollywood week. The now-28-year-old Compton native returned to the American Idol auditions, and shared the story of his turbulent childhood in Compton with America.

Marcio Donaldson American Idol made it to Hollywood based on his performance of "Jealous" by Labrinth. But it wasn't all smooth sailing once he got there. Marcio and his group, which also included near-top-24-finalist Maddie Zahm, struggled to remember all of the lyrics to "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. Though a few of them stumbled their way through the song, Maddie and Marcio were able to advance in the competition, and both made it through to showcase round.

When it was time to perform for the first time in front of a live audience, Marcio performed "If You Really Love Me" by Stevie Wonder. In a dramatic final showdown, Marcio and fellow contestant and father Dennis Lorenzo were left to face the judges with seemingly only one spot left. But the judges gave both of these contestants a spot in the Top 24, giving both fathers a chance to be the next American Idol.

Marcio Donaldson performances on American Idol

By appearing on the show and sharing his story with the country, Marcio has already inspired people everywhere. But now it will be up to America, and the judges, to decide whether his Top 24 performances are good enough to send him through to the Top 12.

Viewers reacted to Marcio Donaldson American Idol 

Shelley Anderson Ok, as a Philly girl, I’ve been routing for Dennis Lorenzo! But Marcio is my 2nd choice!! When they both were moved forward, I shouted YES!! These two MEN are giving it their all for a better life for their children!

Michelle Gloumeau WOW. I love this guy. I get his struggle, but man, you got the most beautiful smile. You need to stand tall and smile the amazing smile of yours! You light up a room and you ooooze sweetness! Smile that everlasting smile!

Dina Spencer Jereb Ok, so before this performance he wasn't one of my top favorites…this is the type of music I love, and I'm a fan. He is emotional and shows his wide range of how he can sing. Bravo!

Maria Pia Negron I cried like a baby, listening to his story and him singing. 
I am sure, this may present some opportunities to this young man. So proud of him for stepping up and being a father to his nephew. This child is very lucky to have him and God Bless him and guide him as he goes forth. These are the stories we all need to hear. Love conquers all. These are the inspirational stories for our young generation. I wish him nothing but the best.

Erin So Unbothered Barksdale OMG, when I tell you I couldn’t and still can’t stop the tears from falling because I know about the system I’ve been there and done that and for him to look past all of that and to be able to sing like his life was depending on it with his son right there with him, he’s going to make it beautiful voice beautiful! I can’t wait to see you and see what happens with you.

Raynell Jones God doesn't make mistakes you're absolutely correct God gave you that gift and you took it God's gifts are awesome you're a wonderful dad a great person I know I'm going to meet when I go up to heaven at those Pearly Gates I'll be waiting for you good luck on American Idol I'll be voting for you kiss that baby for me

Stephanie Arnold

Marcio Donaldson American Idol Wow, amazing. I hope your sister can one day get healthy and truly recognize, love and appreciate all you have done. For all 3 of you. That sweet little boy is so blessed to have you, I can only imagine how much love this little boy is going to have growing up. Anyone will be blessed to have these 2 boys in their life. Such an adorable little guy!

Renee Avre-Gillette What a upstanding man . Almost want to move next door and babysit so he can succeed . I totally love how he just step up .And took this child . And it shows what a true daddy is he held that baby and he said don't worry Little one I am here. I will change and become the daddy you need. I can only imagine how he will love a baby when he finds a nice young lady .She will be the luckiest lady to make him her baby's daddy. Bless you both.

BreeAnna Heward I love how he said that's his son!!! That's not his nephew, he's not an uncle. 

I have a relationship like that… my mom's brother "my uncle" is my big brother. We used to do everything together. That type of relationship is indescribable besides pure love…. 

Someone get this man a record deal!

Nica Diaz This young man has chosen the same path as I have. I am too, a relative that choose to take in a 5 Day old babygirl instead of her going into foster care. She’s the best gift I could ever receive. I applaud this man, it’s not easy raising a child but we’re both doing a pretty good job at it!

Sia White He put that baby in the hands of some lucifer worshipping devils who sacrifice lil black babies like this on a daily as a blood sacrifice…they drink the blood of lil babies like that behind closed doors with their spirit cooking….he just put that baby in danger.

Frank Patrick Dauphin In the beginning i doubted very much, the possibility of this being his baby. We can’t even begin 2 phantom the things that he has gone through. I pray that he gets all the help he needs, financially and spiritually. A wonderful change is needed ,4 this adorable lil baby’s sake. This is so heartfelt as i continued 2 listen 2 his story, I believe that he’ll truly be a great father.

Stacy Knickerbocker-Franz

Marcio Donaldson American Idol, love him A REAL man right there… a beautiful loving soul. Emotions high this audition… I am sure he will do even better next time on stage. Cryin' like a baby now which is why I don't particularly like watching their stories first. Then everyone would get through! Lol

Sabrina Smith Carter No matter how he does in this competition he has won in life, giving of himself to take care of this child. I like that he calls him his son even though he is his nephew. Being a real father doesn’t mean he has to be the biological father. This young man is the definition of what a true father is…I pray that God will bless him and this child.

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