March 9th EVENING Latest Update April the Giraffe 2019

March 9th EVENING Update April the Giraffe

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April the Giraffe Update 

March 9th EVENING Update:

"Fool me once…" – Everyone Watching

Corey’s morning reports had Jordan & Dr Tim both reporting to the park and assessing April's progression. All physical & behavioral signs indicate we are simply waiting for the big moment. The decision was made to apply extra bedding to the stall for the anticipated birth.

More than days prior, viewers witnessed April's behavioral being extremely off. Standing in one place, staring at the wall, and simply not responding to activity around her.

Without question we are there – its a matter of when.

With darkness soon falling on the park, and many of our viewers, it should be an interesting next 12 hours!

Pass the time by leaving your day and time predictions for having a calf on the ground, in the comments section!!

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