March 5th Update On April the Giraffe Live Cam Youtue Animal Adventure

March 5th Update On April the Giraffe

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Giraffe Watch 2019 has begun!

March 5th Update:

"She keeps me up at night!"

April had quite a night last night, and tonight will likely prove to be similar. Back end licks, tail raising, and "pushes" (imagined or not) – had us up, and watching – ready to initiate the Labor Alert Text System! One thing everyone can agree on, is April is enjoying her evening hay beds; whether for comfort, enrichment, or a late night snack!

This evening's photos show just how developed the udders are, and how swollen and raised her back end is. 
To the naked eye, day to day, it appears we have enlargement/growth/fill.

March 5th Update On April the Giraffe

March 5th Update On April the Giraffe 

Behavior continues to be a bit spotty; specifically her changing interest in food which yields quicker vet and keeper checks. Some cam watchers have noted her new sparked interest in Oliver over the stall walls.

While cleaning stalls today, April enjoyed rubbing on and messing with Oliver – while he (of course) ate her remaining grain!

Perhaps some sleep tonight, but why do I think we'll be counting giraffes instead!

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