March 14th EVENING Update April the Giraffe

March 14th EVENING Update April the Giraffe

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April the Giraffe Update 

Day observations revealed a lot of manifested pressure on also pacing (walking through contractions?).

Corey & Alexis' evening Keeper Check confirmed significant white, thick, discharge.

Behavior had the team caution. Cautious enough that mammary development photos were not taken, and distance was kept. While her interest in treats was obvious to cam viewers, she was cautious of those around her.

Keeper's also observed "spasms" in the muscles where the "belly" meets the "hip", which could be contractions.

Based on all observations, as a precaution, teams did bed down the stall with additional substrate in the event of an evening or early morning delivery.

So – Lucky Number 15?
Tajiri was born on the 15th of April, to a 15 year old & 15 foot tall April, after a 15 month gestation…. tomorrow's date? The 15th.

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