March 10th EVENING Update April the Giraffe Live Cam

March 10th EVENING Update April the Giraffe

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April the Giraffe Update 

March 10th EVENING Update:

"A little to the left…"

Both Keeper and Dr Tim reports today noted relatively normal interaction with them after the initial morning routine, while the cam viewers did continue to note and see periods of gazing when no one was in the barn.

There was interest in grain this evening versus minimal to none this morning.

The slight jumps viewers observe on the cam are the result of pressure and calf kicks, so w do know baby is alive and well, and positioning.

Our team has no concern for April, and continue to monitor, but we will admit – all signs pointed to a weekend calf. Again – we watch and wait.

Promising and new is that April's tail is now hanging and pinning to the left a bit, which is appropriate and expected positioning for the big moment.

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