Britain’s Got Talent: Prepare to be SPELLBOUND by the incredible Marc Spelmann

It’s time for magic man Marc Spelmann to take to the Semi-Final stage and wow you with his wizardry once more… Watch as he leaves everyone open-mouthed and amazed with this truly spellbinding act!

Viewers reacted 

Charmaine Mary Leeann Legge He copyed the girl act from last year who loved harry potter did no one notice he used same words us her nearly glad he did not get throw even he was good still but shouldnt copyed anyone .

Donna Marie McBride Absolutely outstanding he was tonight happy the right 2 were put through

Becky Quayson So wrong I think that man who's wife had cancer should of gone few. This is wrong

Sarah Joy Holden Wrong result tonight although they were good, there were better acts that should have got through.

Nathan Mellish Everyone like a sad moment even for him and I am very concerned from that. I think it's makes me really emotional for how sadness it a powerful feeling than happiness. I understand that people can cry as long as they need to. We always have some sad moment when things make you down. Sometimes people left things behind when they loved for the very long time. Some people could change and move on to remember by, and that why sadness is a powerful emotion that makes us feel. 

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