Clumsy Malamute Puppies Constantly Trip Over Themselves

Have you ever watch Malamute puppies falling off curb  They do look like those puppies, but there were three running in a row, and then each one falls like 30 seconds after the other one. In the correct video, they are not running straight towards the curb. They are running parallel to the curb, and then they fall as they are running parallel on the curb ledge.

Watch Malamute puppies falling off curb

Viewer react to Malamute puppies falling off curb

Victoria Estrada
They are adorable. My Alaskan Malamute, Rio Grande was so sweet, beautiful and loving. We miss him so much. Only problem is that in a few months they are fully grown, love them so much! Beautiful, gentle and loving dogs. Our neighbour had a Malamute and he was an amazing dog. All the neighbors took him for walks throughout the day!

Penny Menkel
Absolutely precious! I have been thinking about getting a Pomeranian, have had 3 in the past. Anybody know of one that needs a loving home? Funny little bundles of canine fluff babies! Husky pups I think but sooo cute with it and glad they don’t hurt themselves. Bless them all. Beautiful pups. They are beautiful fur babies. So sweet and precious fur babies. I love them. Wish I had one of those beautiful fur babies.

Peter Flavell
Had our Max a Malamute for 19 yrs before he passed away, they are the most adorable and friendliest of dogs. Another interesting fact about them is, they don’t bark very much. That made me smile from the inside out. Absolutely adorable and they are completely undeterred, those happy little balls of fluff! How is falling cute? These dogs are fluffy and cute but when they fall I don’t think of cuteness overload. I feel sorry, how is it that they fall so much, is there something wrong.

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