Live The Voice Top 8 MaKenzie Thomas Vision of Love Performance

MaKenzie Thomas Sings Vision of Love by Mariah Carey – The Voice Top 8

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MaKenzie Thomas Vision of Love

The Voice season 15 Semi-Final performances air on Monday (Dec 10) with the results following on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 The Top 8 contestants will sing TWICE for your votes.

Three artists will automatically move on to the finale. The two artists with the fewest votes will be immediately eliminated and the middle three will contend for the remaining spot in the next finale via the Instant Save.

1. Vote on THE VOICE App
2. Stream my song on repeat as long as possible
3. Vote on the Xfinity site (10X per email)
4. Vote at

 MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer – Conventional wisdom states singing show contestants should stay far far away from vocal divas like Whitney, Mariah and Celine, because who could do them justice? MacKenzie, that’s who. Her ability to take on the songs of beloved female vocalists has made MaKenzie a fan favorite. She’s a good bet for the finals.

MaKenzie Thomas Sings Vision of Love by Mariah Carey for her The Voice Top 8 live performance tonight

Jennifer took her team to church. Literally. Jennifer and her team practiced in her church. The song was Jennifer’s idea. MaKenzie believes it’s a good representation of who she is as an artist, because of it’s soulful and gospel feel. Jennifer suggests she soften it up, but also add some gospel grace notes. Jennifer says if she had come before Makenzie, she would be inspired.  MaKenzie could dial back the runs a bit. But yeah, she’s hitting those high notes. Ooh. Though. Performing second is a little dangerous. Maybe her duet is coming late in the show.  She does the Whitney/Mariah/Celine deal so well. But she rarely takes the performance beyond tribute. Mariah sang it better, right? Ohh. She gets fireworks behind the piano! “I can not stand it, you are so good!” says Kelly, “This show is called the Voice, and that is what this show is all about.” Blake says, “That was one of the best performances that I’ve seen.” He admired the way she worked the microphone. Actually, she pulled it away at the wrong time… “You are like a coach’s dream,” says Jennifer. “It’s bananas! I got to give you all the credit.”

MaKenzie Thomas The Voice Top 8 Sings Vision of Love : ITunes Download

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This song means “a whole lot” to MaKenzie. She’s sung Mariah, Whitney, and now Celine. Hm. The singer is inspired by Celine. The song was the first secular song she performed outside of church. 

MaKenzie Thomas Sings Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion: ITunes Download

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MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer Hudson – Emotion  – ITunes Download

She wants to show people that she’s more than riffs and runs. And nobody does that better than Jhud, she says.So, MacKenzie is dedicating her song to her coach. 

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MaKenzie Thomas I Am Changing The Voice Top 13  : ITunes Download 

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Viewers react to MaKenzie Thomas Vision of Love

Cathy Holloway Hill PLEEEASE vote for this incredible vocalist! I’m so tired of America being superficial trying to make the “perfect size 2” image out of vocalists. I pray people see inside her soul & VOTE for MaKenzie (and Kennedy too) 

Gina Yost Finally it's posted!!! Been waiting on this when she sang the 1st note!!!! What an amazing performance! Definitely knocked this out of the ball park!!!!!!!!!! Best performance of the night

Jennifer Scharton Makenzie is phenomenal. She sings each song flawlessly. Each week she seems to get even better. She is a star.

Quentin Pasquette Nailed it! Each week! Look forward to hearing McKenzie! Never faulters! You don’t over do a song either! love MaKenzie Thomas Vision of Love performance

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