MaKenzie Thomas Sings Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion – The Voice Top 10

MaKenzie Thomas Because You Loved Me

Okay y'all, so Monday is a suuuper important day for me. I need y'all to go to the App Store right now and download The Voice Official App so come Monday night you can vote for me to continue on in the show. You can vote up to 10 TIMES, so please if you don't care, use them all on me. 
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MaKenzie Thomas Sings Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion for her The Voice Top 10 performance tonight

This song means “a whole lot” to MaKenzie. She’s sung Mariah, Whitney, and now Celine. Hm. The singer is inspired by Celine. The song was the first secular song she performed outside of church. Jennifer says the first time her family heard her sing secular music was when “I was on a show like this.” coughamericanidolcough coughtheshowthatdarenotspeakitsnamecough. “You’re continually topping yourself every week,” Jennifer gushes. “This is what you’re supposed to do at this point of the competition.” Jennifer helps her gospel the song up. Well….this is nice? MaKenzie has a beautiful instrument. But she’s all tasteful runs and adlibs. It leaves me a little cold. Oh look. The gospel choir showed up. Right on cue! I know I’m supposed to be losing my mind right about now. But. I’ve got nothing. Jennifer compares MaKenzie to all the great diva names–Mariah, Whitney and Celine–and then tosses herself into the mix! Chutzpah! She mentions Kelly as well, for good measure. 

MaKenzie Thomas Sings Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion: ITunes Download

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MaKenzie Thomas Sings Emotion for her The Voice  Top 11 live performance in front of audiences and the Judges

MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer Hudson – Emotion  – ITunes Download

She wants to show people that she’s more than riffs and runs. And nobody does that better than Jhud, she says.So, MacKenzie is dedicating her song to her coach. Jennifer urges her to approach the song in her own way. Whoa, she’s channeling JHud big time here. If I close my eyes, I can hear her.MacKenzie’s pipes are MASSIVE and impressive. But Jennifer is correct. She’s got to find her own approach, and I’m not sure that’s happening here. In short, while I’m impressed with MacKenzie’s vocals, I want to see more ARTISTRY. That big high note near the end is a crowd please, but I want more. Jennifer calls her skills “bananas” and “you make me proud.” 

MaKenzie Thomas Does JHUD Proud with "I Am Changing" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

MaKenzie Thomas I Am Changing The Voice Top 13  : ITunes Download 

MaKenzie Thomas Sings "I Believe in You and Me" – The Voice 2018 Live Playoffs Top 24

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Viewers react to MaKenzie Thomas Because You Loved Me

Teresa Thomas MaKenzie is one of the kindest, sweetest, talented people u will ever meet. She is my oldest daughter and is following her dream, please show support and not negativity. If u knew her, u would love her!

Brad N Destiny Thomas I’m assuming this post is intended for Makenzies fans to comment how much they love her. Makenzie will see this (as will all other contestants) Why comment something negative? It will not make her NOT win. It will only hurt her feelings. All of these contestants are completely normal people.. how do I know this?? Makenzie is a personal friend of mine and shes wonderful. Why try to tear someone down for literally no reason? Don’t like how she sings? Simple, don’t vote for her. Don’t like how she looks? Well, this isn’t a beauty contest and you aren’t anyone’s judge. Please have some respectt and let’s encourage these awesome singers!

Elizabeth Dudek MaKenzie is The Voice she reeled me in when she sang How Deep is your Love. I'm excited to see what she does next 

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