Live The Voice Top 8 MaKenzie Thomas and Kymberli Joye Duet Perform

MaKenzie Thomas and Kymberli Joye Duet Performance – The Voice Top 8

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MaKenzie Thomas and Kymberli Joye Duet

The Voice season 15 Semi-Final performances air on Monday (Dec 10) with the results following on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 The Top 8 contestants will sing TWICE for your votes.

Three artists will automatically move on to the finale. The two artists with the fewest votes will be immediately eliminated and the middle three will contend for the remaining spot in the next finale via the Instant Save.

 Got To Be Real/Best of My Love –  They’re roommates. MaKenzie says Kymberli talks in her sleep. Ha! I was so sure they’d do gospel together. But this is good! Two of the greatest disco songs of the 70’s era. So much fun and the gay dudes are gonna love it, amiright? 

Bandleader Paul arranged all of the duet arrangements. John Legend and Esperanza Spalding will perform on next week’s finale.

Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly – Kymberli has absolutely found her niche in gospel. And lucky for her, The Voice viewers LOVE the Jesus songs.  She’ll be duetting with another popular singer, MaKenzie Thomas who also plans a career in gospel. No doubt when these two big voiced singers join forces, they are going to kill it. 

Kymberli Joye Performs "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" 

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MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer – Conventional wisdom states singing show contestants should stay far far away from vocal divas like Whitney, Mariah and Celine, because who could do them justice? MacKenzie, that’s who. Her ability to take on the songs of beloved female vocalists has made MaKenzie a fan favorite. She’s a good bet for the finals. 

MaKenzie Thomas Stuns with "Vision of Love" – The Voice 2018 Live Semi-Final, Top 8 Performances

MaKenzie Thomas and Kymberli Joye Duet

MaKenzie Thomas Performs "Because You Loved Me" 

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Viewer react to MaKenzie Thomas and Kymberli Joye Duet

Judy Olson Has anyone noticed that they have posted more stuff this week than any other? Clearly they are trying to deflect and ignore the elephant in the room!

Amber Reutzel It doesn’t really matter what Adam said, he didn’t rig the votes, he didn’t make people like Reagan, she has done that. People voted how they wanted to. Get over it. Oh and for all of you saying you’re done watching, you think you’re going to tank the show?

Lynn Green OkayI guess you're NOT going to address Tuesday night! Dave and Deandre was so unfairly eliminated due to Adam. He basically threw Deandre under the bus and it was SO disrespectful. Reagan won because obviously those were pitty votes due to her being "sick" and sitting in the audience in a bath robe. If she was so sick she should have been disqualified due to not being able to perform. Just like any other rules! I think Adam needs to bring Deandre back on tv and apologize to him for what he said. Also it would be nice to #fireAdamLevine but you will not because you are all about rating. No one is getting my votes Monday night because I won't be watching.

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