Makena the Giraffe at Indianapolis Zoo

Makena the Giraffe at Indianapolis Zoo

Our giraffe mom Takasa just gave birth Feb. 11 to her 7th calf  a girl named Makena. Standing 6 ft tall, this "little" newcomer is full of spirit & curiosity. She's been exploring her surroundings inside the giraffe barn, where she & the rest of our herd will stay throughout the winter.And we can't wait for you to meet her in the spring!

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Amanda Mazur Bala I remember watching Elena and Nashani drop their calves just hours apart back when I worked with the giraffes. Still one of the most incredible days of my life! Congratulations to Takasa, the keepers and all of the zoo staff 

Penny Moore McPherson Can't wait to meet her, she's beautiful

Lisa Collins Is Mshangao still a part of the herd? I haven’t heard about that little cutie in awhile.

Mike Crowley Such a little cutie! Many happy years little one! Congrats indy zoo from Richmond mo.

Megan Strauss Congratulations on the new addition to the family. I hope both mom & baby are doing well.

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