Makayla Phillips Sings Who You Are – AGT 2018 Semifinals

This 15 year old singer was last week’s Dunkin Save. She’s performing Jessie J’s “Who You Are.” The song is a litte bit too big for her. Some of the high notes get away from her. But she’s got the look and sound to be a pop singer. She’s a little bland compared to some of the other acts, though. And no tragic backstory! She’s got a tough road.  She’s Heidi’s golden buzzer. She begs America to vote for her. “You got guts,” says Simon. He thought the song was overproduced, but still her best performance yet. Howie thought she did an amazing job, but didn’t “blow the roof off.” He says, “You’ve got to take it up 9 levels. Mel B. disagrees. “She just killed it,” she says. I’m on Team Howie. 

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