America's Got Talent 2018 Makayla Phillips Audition GOLDEN BUZZER WINNER

Makayla Phillips 15 yo GOLDEN BUZZER WINNER sings Warrior America’s Got Talent 2018 Audition

Makayla Phillips Audition

She’s fifteen years old and has brought her entire family to her audition.She saw AGT for the first time at 3. It’s been her dream ever since. 

Makayla Phillips: 15-Year-Old Receives Golden Buzzer For "Warrior"

She sings “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. She’s got a good voice, but she’s not emotionally connected to the lyrics. Not fully baked this one. Too imitative. Heidi calls her fun and cute and incredible. She loves her entire package blah blah blah. You know what’s coming. Last act of the night. Heidi finally chooses her GOLDEN BUZZER!The Confetti flies. Mikayla will go straight to the lives.

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Viewers reactions:

Autumn Jones Not happy that she is the 4th singer out of 5 possible buzzers to get a golden buzzer on this show. Open your eyes judges, you let so many more talented individuals pass you by….however, she sounds SO much better than Howie’s pick.

Lisa Turovlin We've seen comedians, acrobats, dancers, a singing dog and yes this young beautiful voice. People get hung up on the singers.But we've had magicians win. Enjoy.Its variety!

Connie Lester Sorry…. I didn't think she deserved the golden buzzer. I have heard better. All the golden buzzers were singers. I can watch The Voice if I want to hear singers.

Olivia Bolton She was ok but definitely not "golden buzzer worthy", could of gave it to a better and more talented person. Not saying she is bad but could of been a better choice

Stevo Ann Hopkins Seems like a nice girl…nice voice…should relax her throat rather than making so much noice on breaths…just dries out the throat and that's bad over the long haul….

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