America's Got Talent 2018: Magician Shin Lim Shocks the AGT Audience

America’s Got Talent 2018: Magician Shin Lim Blows Minds With Unbelievable Close-Up Magic

Magician Shin Lim Shocks the AGT Audience 

Don't blink or you'll miss the best close-up magic in AGT history.

Shin Lim shocks the AGT audience with his mind-bending card magic, and will leave you omg-ing!

Shin Lim BEST Close UP Card Magic America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions 

Shin Lim Judges Comments America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions 

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Viewers reacted to Magician Shin Lim Shocks the AGT Audience 

Kushal Shah It’s ridiculous how can you do that man 

Jim Soucy Seen this guy two different time on Pen and Tell's Fool Us he is great

Andres Magallanes That is one of the best close up tricks that I've ever seen since I've been watching AGT

Roni Piquero Carla Janine awesome! ma iba nmn..hehe

Michael Taylor I wanna see this guy on fool me

Britny Dawn Douglas I wouldn't say annoying but there are little kids on this show and who watch it I wont let my kids watch anymore bc of some of her outfits yall need to cover up

Jay Frails Saw her at a taping for he show. She was not very nice to fans. I was n the ladies room with her and Heidi. Heidi signed autographed and took pictures. She didn't so much as wave never mind make eye contact in or outside of the ladies room

Melinda Lucas Crowe I would be excited if I didn't have to watch Mel B slap and hit and throw water on all the other judges all the time!

Hey! I think this guy was on Penn and Teller. He actually fooled them and couldn’t figure out how he did his trick.

Meg Gion I like how he says he was scared to talk to girls. Ummm gorgeous! He's amazing. Finals for sure.

Alisha M Stinebiser He was the best card trick person on this show ive seen

Kathy Miano Sparks Amazing magic, The tricks he did aren’t that complicated he just delivered them really well love Magician Shin Lim Shocks the AGT Audience 

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