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Mafe & Rivers Grayson’s Heartwarming Duet of Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend”



Mafe’s voice is naturally stronger than Rivers’. She drowns him out unfortunately. Mafe sings with vibrance and Rivers seems like a second thought in this duet.

Watch Mafe Rivers Grayson the voice Battle.

Reba says Rivers’ voice relaxed her and Mafe’s voice had depth. Chance says he loved their dynamic, Rivers’ nostalgic vibrato and Mafe’s strong sense of identity. Dan and Shay compliment the texture of their two voices together. John says Rivers did a perfect job and Mafe has so many special gifts and abilities in her range. John chooses Mafe.
Viewer reaction:
I admit Mafe showed more range and the competition is called the Voice for a reason. But man that Rivers guy has put me through all sorts of emotions . His facial expressions alone with that voice…dear Lord…wow Love that husky, whispered entrance from him while her voice is so clear, clean, steady. She was so emotive while I was losing him in the harmonies and even parts of his solos. She drove this bus, en Espanol.
I love Rivers introvert style and his tone is so full and rich. He has great vocal support and breath control. The thing is he was paired with a beast of a vocalist! I think it’s safe to say Mafe is the frontrunner at this point! Mafe’s style and vocal prowess I think is more suited for this show’s format (one of the best this season), but I really love River’s tone and approach. Like I want to see more of Mafe on THIS show, but I want to hear River’s album more. Great performance from both.
Mafe in my opinion will go far in this competition. The battle wasn’t fair for River’s. I think Mafe was reserved in her vocals this time. She is an incredible singer. I can’t wait to see her singing with the other powerhouses. But for me she will be in the finals and love Mafe Rivers Grayson the voice battle performance.
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