Maelyn Jarmon Sings Fields of Gold by Sting – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Maelyn Jarmon The Voice

The winner is… Maelyn Jarmon from John Legend's team! That makes Gyth Rigdon the runner up.

Maelyn’s original is up first.  She says the distance has been hard on her and her boyfriend.  Wow, the only non-Blake contestant goes first… Hm…  Rehearsals sound good.  John says the song is right in her vocal pocket.  The staging is white with large white drums, as Maelyn comes out.  She’s dressed in a beautiful purple pantsuit.  Se sounds good as always, don’t like the song but she can sing it.  She puts so much emotion into everything she sings.  The lyrics are kind of boring but it has some places for her to show off her range.  These original songs always suck.

 Weird dancers around her now, as she sings.  Big notes, and she moves into the audience.  John is on his feet so is the audience.  Has the winner ever opened the show?  That was a good performance from Maelyn.  John, Kelly & Adam on their feet.  Crowd LOVED it.  Adam says everyone in the finale is fantastic but he thinks she should win this thing.  It has nothing to do with the coaches he loves her and think she’s incredible.  John loved the song, it was the perfect choice, it was sung with so much heart.  Flawless.

The Voice season 16 premieres tonight with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and new coach John Legend as coaches.  Sixteen seasons in, “The Voice’s” talented artists still manage to surprise us!

Team Legend's Maelyn Jarmon battles Rod Stokes with "Mad World" in The Voice Cross Battles.

John Legend's First Day – The Voice 2019 

Maelyn Jarmon  sings Fields of Gold by Sting in The Voice Blind Auditions Season 16

John notes that he’s the only man on the panel who hasn’t been named “sexiest man alive.” She doesn’t hear music the way most people do. She’s deaf in one ear due to childhood ear infections. She considers the deafness a “superpower.” She used to work in theater. Now she’s working as a waitress to support a solo career. Her interpretation of the song is lovely, emotional, and boasts a very distinctive tone. She sings like a seasoned pro. She hits an amazing high note. She didn’t even need it. The singer already had all four chairs turned. She’s originally from Frisco, Texas. Blake says she has such precision and power in her voice. He was moved! Kelly says her gift is God given. “You made yourself standout. You’re unstoppable.” John says she has “magic.” Adam calls her “astounding.” John thinks the veterans might be a little “jaded.” He brings new energy! Maelyn chooses Team John Maelyn chose John because he’s an “EGOT.” He’s what she aspires to be.

Maelyn – Dreamboat

"Gold on the Ceiling" by The Black Keys

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