Maelyn Jarmon Sings The Scientist – The Voice Top 13 Tonight 

Maelyn Jarmon The Voice Top 13

The theme for this week was "Fan Night", meaning that the artists performed songs chosen by the fans. Eliminations will be similar to the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth seasons semi-final rounds. The seven artists with the most votes make it straight to the Top 8. The three artists with the fewest votes are instantly eliminated and the middle three fight for the remaining spot in the Top 8 via Instant Save.

What song Maelyn Jarmon will be singing on the Voice Top 13 tonight?

Maelyn Jarmon Sings The Scientist for her the Voice Top 13 performance 

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It’s dark and it’s Maelyn and a piano.  Her voice has so much emotion and tenderness.  This is very subdued and tender yet powerful.  Her black glitter dress is beautiful too.  She is hitting all these notes perfectly and she is wailing now as she moves away from the microphone.  Gorgeous, John is on his feet.  She’s almost crying in her voice.   Only John standing that deserved more.  I was almost in tears.

John says she’s the best singer in the competition.  Her skill level is beyond and we are all blessed to hear her.

Team Legend's Maelyn Jarmon performs "Fallingwater" in The Voice Live Top 24 Performances.

Maelyn Jarmon performs "Fields of Gold" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

Team Legend's Maelyn Jarmon battles Rod Stokes with "Mad World" in The Voice Cross Battles.


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