Maelyn Jarmon Sings Wait for You (Original) In the Voice Top 4 Finale

 Maelyn Jarmon The Voice Finale

The Voice season 16 finale starts tonight   (May 20) Maelyn Jarmon will sing 3 songs apiece: One new solo cover, a special duet with her coach and the debut of her first original single. On Tuesday (May 21), after an overnight vote, a new The Voice winner will be crowned

What songs Maelyn Jarmon will sing tonight for her the Voice?

First song

Maelyn Jarmon Sings Wait for You (Original) In the Voice Top 4 Finale


Maelyn’s original is up first.  She says the distance has been hard on her and her boyfriend.  Wow, the only non-Blake contestant goes first… Hm…  Rehearsals sound good.  John says the song is right in her vocal pocket.  The staging is white with large white drums, as Maelyn comes out.  She’s dressed in a beautiful purple pantsuit.  Se sounds good as always, don’t like the song but she can sing it.  She puts so much emotion into everything she sings.  The lyrics are kind of boring but it has some places for her to show off her range.  These original songs always suck.  Weird dancers around her now, as she sings.  Big notes, and she moves into the audience.  John is on his feet so is the audience.  Has the winner ever opened the show?  That was a good performance from Maelyn.  John, Kelly & Adam on their feet.  Crowd LOVED it.  Adam says everyone in the finale is fantastic but he thinks she should win this thing.  It has nothing to do with the coaches he loves her and think she’s incredible.  John loved the song, it was the perfect choice, it was sung with so much heart.  Flawless.

Second song

Maelyn Jarmon Sings Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen  In the Voice Top 4 Finale


Maelyn says the song is longing and regret.  The NY music scene is difficult.  She used to sing this song in a little bar in NY and to sing it now is an honor.  John says she deserves this win.  This is his first season, she was his first artist and she should be first place on the voice.  Maelyn is dressed in a flowing gown and standing on some stairs.  This song has been so overdone, but she is a stellar singer.  She starts off quiet and tender but she breaks into the goose bumping moments a few times.  This was a different almost heartbreaking rendition of this song.  Some big notes, some pain, some angst and quiet ending.  She just schooled every one of Team Blake off the stage.  She should win after this but we all know the country army will be out in full swing.  The audience is exploding and John is standing and chanting yes yes!  Adam says that was insane, and he doesn’t know how it would be possible for her to not win this show.  She is an angel from heaven.  John says it was stunning, she was amazing, transfixing performance, America please vote for Maelyn.  She deserves to win the voice.

Third song

Maelyn Jarmon & John Legend – Unforgettable by Nat King Cole


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