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Maelyn Jarmon Forms Stay on The Voice Top 8 Tonight

Maelyn Jarmon Stay 

IT’S OUT! Here’s my take on Rihanna’s “Stay” (my next performance)! Start streaming now!! Streams=votes! Stream all day and night!! ONLY STREAMS COUNT AS VOTES !

Tonight was amazing. I’m so so grateful. Thank you for choosing such a beautiful song for me, y’all!! It was my favorite song I’ve done so far and you all know me so well. No matter what happens tomorrow, I feel so blessed to have made it this far. Continue streaming to vote, vote through the app and on, as well as Xfinity1! Voting closes at 7 am eastern!

Fan reaction:

 You are amazing, Maelyn! I believe you’ll win the whole competition, but regardless, you’ve already won in our hearts and made a name for yourself. I’d buy your music and see a show, for sure!!!!! It’s a rare quality when an artist can singing perfectly and passionately at the same time. You deliver every time

Maelyn, from your first appearance in the blinds, I knew that you are the one who needs to win the Voice, you have it all,the most beautiful voice, and you’re a beautiful young lady, love your positive outlook, your smile says it all

You're the winner in my opinion and you have a very beautiful distinctive voice.. I bought the song on iTunes.. perfect performance. You showed emotion while singing , and John was right we can feel it when you sing .. oh and I voted and so did my family. God bless you on your journey ..

Whatever happens, just know that you ARE the best singer in this entire group. You have mad vocal skills combined with the emotional commitment to singing a song in your own unique style from your heart that translates into touching the heart and soul of the listener. That is a gift, not something that you can teach. And you have it, beautiful lady. You are already a winner. People have seen, heard and felt you. Your star will continue to go on, and you will continue to shine. Best wishes. I suspect however, that you'll remain in good standing and still be around long after tonight. God Bless.

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