American Idol Top 3: Madison VandenBurg Shallow Performance Tonight

Madison VandenBurg Sings Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – American Idol Top 3

Madison VandenBurg  Shallow

She shares on her facebook :

"Still cannot believe that the show ends tonight guys OMG I’m just going thru my old phots and found this one" 

What Madison Vandenburg will sing for her American Idol top 3 finale performance

Madison VandenBurg Sings  Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper during American Idol Top 3 finale

“Can she connect” wonders Bobby. That’s been the problem for the big voiced 17 year old singer all season long. Her vocal is going off the rail a little here–but it’s emotion that’s doing it. She’s trying hard to let go. It’s like she understands the stakes. She’s bringing it tonight. “We have been pushing you the whole time to dig in. It’s been so amazing to watch,” says Luke. “You are an amazing light. You have to know what a gift you have. You are truly on your way,” says Luke. Madison admits that she is shaking. “The greatness is coming out of you. We’re pushing you because we know the greatness is inside of you,” says Katy. Oh. She changed from “I Have Nothing” to “Shallow.” GOOD MOVE. She relates to the later much more, and she realized the Whitney song is overdone on singing shows.

I’d like to wish you the very best of Irish luck. You are such a sincere, sweet and genuine young lady. 

I’ve seen you applaud other contestants and be excited about their performances while they were only thinking of themselves. You are

talented with such a beautiful voice, very best of luck going forward Madison. 

You deserve to go to the very top. 

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