Golden Buzzer: From The Audience to The Stage, Maddie Shocks The Judges With Her Voice

Maddie impresses the judges and receives a Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel! An 11 year old singer with 38.6K followers on IG, she has sang the National anthem at Dodgers, Rams, Lakers, Kings, Galaxy, Globetrotters games. She has also appeared on Game of Talents. She has also starred in Netflix’s Selena: The Series as “Young Selena Quintanilla” Maddie has wanted to be on AGT since she was a kid. 

Madison Taylor Baez is an amazing young singer who recently auditioned for the hit show America’s Got Talent. Her powerful performance of “Rise Up” stunned the judges and audience alike, leading to her becoming one of the most talked about acts from the show. She has since become a fan favorite, with her rendition of “Rise Up” inspiring millions around the world. Madison Taylor Baez is a shining example of how talent can be found in anyone, no matter their age or background.

Watch Madison Taylor Baez America’s Got Talent performance tonight
At least the  producers were somewhat transparent: Terry explains that they put Maddie in the audience so the warm up comic can ask her to sing. “Will the judges notice?” Terry asks.  She belts out “Amazing Grace” and yes, the judges notice. So the PLOT TWIST is that Simon has no idea that she’s a contestant? SURE JAN. After Simon asks her to take the stage, she explains that she has attended many tapings and tried to sing during the commercial breaks. Maddie begins to cry. “Why not have you audition?” Because Simon has no idea she’s an actual contestant. RIGHT. After a dramatic commercial break, she sings “Amazing Grace” again, with no track. She has a very strong alto voice. Lungs and cords of steel. She finishes, but Simon wants another verse. 
Maddie is presented as if she’s never performed in public before. But as you can see above, she’s been on TV before even. If she won the money, she’d help her dad, who is battling cancer. The crowd begins shouting for the Golden Buzzer, and Howie obliges. TEARS ALL AROUND. – Howie’s Golden Buzzer and love Madison Taylor Baez America’s Got Talent performance tonight.

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