Maddie Zahm Sings Patty Griffin Hit Her Hollywood Week Solo Song

We’ve already got a Céline Dion and a Lady Gaga — we don’t have a Maddie Poppe!”

Maddie Zahm sings "Up to the Mountain" by Patty Griffin for her Hollywood Week Solo Performance on American Idol 2018.

Maddie Zahm FORGETS Her Lyrics But Makes An EPIC COMEBACK

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Viewers reacted: 

Destiny Brooke

We need more artist who have talents like this and song writing in our lives! Id love to hear her if she came out with an album

Jared Daler This song would sell a million copies in 4 months flat no question.she just wrote her own ticket to stardom win or lose

Rommel López She hit me right in the feels man, tears were shed not gonna lie, she is def the dark horse of this season, looking foward for her next performances

Christi Morris Shires I LOVE this beautiful and talented girl! That song definitely pulls at the heart strings! I would purchase it for my playlist.

Stephanie Dawson This girl has serious talent. She is the whole package. This year has really lacked talent so far but she has given me hope. We better see her in the finale!

Rhiannon Macauley I started crying from the phone call between her and her dad without even hearing the song yet. What a loving and encouraging father. She is so lucky to have that kind of support. No wonder as to why she has turned out to be the beautiful girl she is. 

Crystal Marie I would not want to be a judge this year..many of these artist are very passionate ..never seen passion like this in any season..and the originals are so amazing! Very impressed this season

Deborah Lewis Katy needs to stop making faces and winking of eye lids..and motioning for sound to go down or up…she should be listening to contestents…she just not judge matetial…my opinion…

Cherry Lynxleg I love that she's close with her dad.. my dad raised me practically on his own & I just love the connection this girl has with her dad because it reminds me of the one I have with mine. Hope she does well, love Team Maddie Zahm Shirt

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