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Live Stream with Top 7 Finalists – American Idol

Maddie Poppe Live Stream

I’m so happy I can finally share this with you all!! Even though I cringe a tad bit at my lyric flop

See the first time couple Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson performed together in this never-before-seen clip from American Idol 2018

When a cockroach crawls across the floor as you take the first bite of your breakfast sandwich.


 Down Syndrome Awareness

Maddie Poppe – Going Going Gone (Official Video)

My music video for ‘Going Going Gone’ is out now. Take a look below!! Big thank you to Jeep for partnering with me on this video and letting me use an awesome getaway car!

Love birds- American Idol Tour Live 2018

Viewer reactions:

Erin Moriarty In almost two weeks, I'll be moving back to college to start my junior year of college. Maddie, can you wish me luck for my upcoming school year please?! Maddie…..when will you be coming home to Iowa?? We would all love to see you! Too bad you couldn't perform Iowa State Fair. Continue to have fun and come home soon! This could be great tips on how I could do makeup and my hair in the future since I don't use makeup on myself at all lol!! Maddie, you look absolutely beautiful!  I'm not going sadly. By the time you guys reach Massachusetts next month, I'll be going through my junior year of college. I wish I could go though.

Jamie Hickman ·I remember when you u where on American I and then I saw you at Seattle Washington For opening ceremonies it was so neat to see you

Kently Batanes · You know Micheal, no matter how you mess up her face she still looks pretty.. Why, Maddie why??? uggghh.. Life is unfair! LOL. MADDIE myself and my 4 and 5 year old daughters are OBSESSED with you! We listen to you all of the time! Thank you for your talent!! Love ya!

Misti Morgan ·You're only coming near us at Nashville but my daughter can't travel the four hours because her baby is due

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