Maddie Poppe Rainbow Connection Performance | American Idol 2018

Maddie Poppe Performs Rainbow Connection

Maddie Poppe Rainbow Connection

Thank you thank you thank you. Can’t believe this dream of mine is coming true. For the longest time I thought I’d have to settle for a career in something I semi-liked, but meanwhile all I could ever think about was how to launch my music career. I never thought it would come true, and I wake up every day still not believing this is my life. Truthfully, as wonderful as this experience has been, I realize I’ve been slacking on keeping in touch with my friends and family. With that being said, I really want everyone to know it’s nothing personal, and it’s not because this whole thing has “gotten to my head”, it’s really just that we have been absolutely non-stop busy.

Forrest Moore, Ty Bellfy and Jared Cunningham are responsible for EVERYTHING you see here! We hung out in an old building this past winter for about five hours in order to get all the shots. It was a bitterly cold day, but this building and the antiques in it were too cool not to use for the shot. (If you look closely, you can see the air when I breathe!)

All vocals and guitar were recorded live that day.

Special thanks to Amy Berger and Mike Kramer for letting us use the building!

Maddie Poppe Rainbow Connection

Maddie Poppe performs "The Reason" RAGBRAI 

Maddie Poppe Auditions for American Idol With "Rainbow Connection" 

Having early call times, long days and late nights really takes a toll on your overall mental health & I truly apologize to everyone and anyone who has thought I might’ve “left them behind”. I will never ever forget about you guys & can’t wait to see you all again, you all know who you are. Your love and support is appreciated more than you know and trust me I feel it all the way out here in California. But most of all, I want to thank my family for their unconditional love, my best friends. They’re so important to me and it’s been so hard to be away from them. It’s unbelievable all of the things they’ve done and continue to do for me even though I don’t deserve it. I couldn’t have done any of this without them. My family is truly my world. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of the love and support, can’t believe I’m top 5 on American Idol

Fans reactions:

Bethany Kerr Reynolds You have such good heart, Maddie. I hope you do well in the competition. You are such a unique talent. I hope America realizes & rewards you & your talent!

Julie DeBruyckere Idol maybe didn't turn out for her, but I'm sure it launched a great path for her! Jurnee is so beautiful and talented! Good luck to her and you Maddie- we voted for you and think you have something special! 

Bonnee Kolb Jurnee is a beautiful talented young woman. I loved seeing her with her hair down….Don't minimize your own importance!!! When you win, my neighbors will hear me celebrating! In my opinion, Cade should go. The man can play a mean guitar, but can't sing..

Roberts Selene Crystal Maddie you have a good heart. You are so kind. You do live broadcasts with the others and you can tell you get along with everyone.. You are a winner already with a heart of gold, really love to listen Maddie Poppe Rainbow Connection


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