Maddie Poppe Sings Little Things Good Morning American

Maddie Poppe Little Things Good Morning American

There was an American Idol takeover on Good Morning America today (Feb 27). The American Idol judges Lionel RichieKaty Perry and Luke Bryan were on hand to chat up Sunday’s season 17 premiere (March 3).

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I know there have been a lot of you asking for a pic with me and the PCA! So here it is!! And just to let you know how lazy but also kinda clever I am, I drug it all the way to NYC so that after GMA (when I still had “camera-ready” hair and makeup on) I would be able to take a picture with it. (Cuz you all know I’m not getting out of my Swoveralls_ unless it’s a VERY important occasion.)

Now we just gotta get it through TSA on the way back to Iowa & then we’ll be off to lil sis Ekpoppe’s state basketball game tonight!! ALSO very excited to see my wonderful boyf Calebleemusic in Nashville tonight!! Btw- how are you liking Little Things? BIG DAY. LOTS OF THINGS HAPPENING. She’s out of her sweats and hittin’ the cities folks!

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