Maddie Poppe Interview on 'Kimmel': Talks Dating Caleb, Performs, Maddie Poppe Jimmy Kimmel Live

Maddie Poppe Performs Going Going Gone on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Maddie Poppe Limmy Kimmel Live

Maddie’s interview and performance on Jimmy Kimmel will air today

 Maddie Poppe performs her debut single "Going Going Gone" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

 Maddie Poppe on Jimmy Kimmel Live

 Maddie Poppe on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Maddie Poppe performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight! Her fellow American Idol contestants Maddie Zahm, Catie Turner, and Caleb Lee Hutchinson Music all showed up to support her

maddie poppe, catie turner

Maddie poppe, Maddie Zahm, Catie Turner, and Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Maddie shared on her facebook page:

Make sure to tune into Jimmy Kimmel tonight to see me perform my new single “Going Going Gone”! I seriously can’t believe how well this song is doing, it amazes me the amount of support that is pouring out for this single & for me in general. It’s just the beginning though- I’m so excited to start writing and recording all kinds of new tunes for you all!

ABC today decided to cancel their highest rated show following a controversial tweet in which Roseanne Barr compared an African-American woman, a former advisor to President Obama, to an ape. This did not sit well with ABC management, or anyone with a brain, and they announced that the show’s first season would also be its last. “Roseanne” was a very big hit for ABC, but just because Roseanne is gone, that doesn’t mean the show has to. The show must go on and with that said, Jimmy has an idea that could make this work for everyone. 

This year, ABC brought back American Idol after the once-phenomenally-popular singing competition had been off the air for really not that long. And last night was the big finale. 19-year-old Iowan Maddie Poppe won the contest. (She also revealed that she and runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson are dating, just so you know that American Idol producers remain very good at manufacturing drama.)

So now Maddie Poppe will be famous forever, and she never has to worry about anything ever again. Or she’ll release one single that will do moderately well, and they she’ll spend years singing at street fairs or, if she’s lucky, starring in a touring Broadway musical. Either way!

maddie poppe and caleb lee hutchinson 

We have met so many memorable singers and personalities since American Idol premiered back in 2002 and we have wondered where some of our favorite contestants are now. So we tracked a bunch of them down, booked a recording studio, and for those of you who have been watching for a long, long time, we are pleased to present an American Idol all-star reunion performance for the ages! 

Maddie Poppe the crowd the American Idol 2018 winner and performs her new song, "Going Going Gone."

Maddie Poppe & Caleb Lee Huchinson sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World" during the American Idol Finale

Rippon and Poppe appeared together on "GMA," where both champs spoke out about winning their competitions.

Maddie Poppe & Caleb Lee Hutchinson Reveal When They Started Dating

Jimmy talks about his wife Molly's reactions to the male contestants on the new season of ABC's 'The Bachelorette' and he reveals who his final four picks are and which one he thinks will ultimately win Becca's heart.

We’re live with American Idol winner Maddie Poppe

We’re live with American Idol winner Maddie Poppe! 🎵💙

Người đăng: American Idol vào 23 Tháng 5 2018

Caleb tweeted :

" MY GIRLFRIEND WON AMERICAN IDOL!!! No one deserved it more than you babe. I am honored to know you and even more honored to call you mine. Don’t forget about me. I love you."

He shared on instagram:

" From the first day of Hollywood week to Disneyland, and now to the Finale of American Idol. Maddie is my absolutely best friend and I love her so so so much. Will one of us be the next idol? (Also me and Maddie were in the same group during hollywood week and now we are in the top 3 together! Isn’t that crazy?"

Maddie Poppe Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Maddie Poppe Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Caleb Lee Hutchinson -sings Johnny Cash Heart 

Itunes Download: Here

Maddie Poppe performs Going Going Gone on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Maddie Poppe sings Going Going Gone

Itunes Download: Here

Songs from the Basement CD – ITunes Download 

The Best of Maddie Poppe – EP – ITunes Download 

Maddie Poppe 'On Top of the World' After Winning 'American Idol' Season 16

American Idol' Finalist Caleb Lee Hutchinson Reacts to Katy Perry's Criticism of Semi-Final

Maddie Poppe Sings "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac – Finale

Caleb Lee Hutchinson Debuts New Single "Johnny Cash Heart" – Finale

Maddie Poppe the Winner of American Idol 2018's top 10 most amazing performances and auditions!

Talk about a fairy tale ending! "American Idol" winner Maddie Poppe sits with Access and shares how her romance with fellow finalist Caleb Lee Hutchinson began. Was it love at first sight? Plus, Maddie reveals how they decided to break the news of their relationship on live television.

Maddie shared on her facebook page today:

"4•21•2018 One of my favorite pictures. This was taken after top 14. At an afterparty. With hundreds of press and news outlets there. And you all had no idea. Lol idk how it went unnoticed for so long. I guess everyone just assumed we were siblings. It’s ok. "

maddie poppe 

Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson

SEE: Maddie Poppe will play free concert in Cedar Rapids

Viewers reactions:

Jennifer Hardy · I was rooting for you and Cade the whole season. Also out of curiosity, who decides what theme weeks would be used on American Idol, and I would be curious about suggesting theme week ideas for next season?

Jane D'Amato  I am so happy for you, for winning American Idol and for finding love with Caleb. Best wishes for a continued great career

Carol Kiraly · Congratulations Maddie so cute seeing you and Caleb the look that you had when he said you guys are boyfriend girlfriend was precious!! I also knew you were going to win your very creative and original

Jenna Meeks · Congrats Maddie your awesome you will develop alot more fans that your not even sure where they are coming from, it becomes over whelming in time it will become easier!

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