Maddie Poppe Going Going Gone (Official Video)

Maddie Poppe released her  new music video for Going Going Gone today, you can watch and download on ITunes

Official video download on ITunes

The Best of Maddie Poppe : ITunes download 

Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson have officially known each other for six months!

The American Idol winner and runner-up’s relationship was revealed just before Maddie was crowned the winner last month on the show and since then, we’ve gotten a ton of cute moments.

To celebrate their meet-versary, Maddie shared a cute tribute on her Instagram Stories over the weekend.

“It’s been exactly six months since I met Caleb, I’ve been changed for good,” Maddie started, before sharing a few cute video moments she had of Caleb, including his Luke Bryan impression.

“Once he pulled out his Luke impression, I knew he was a keeper,” she notes.

Maddie adds, “You make me happier and happier every day. So grateful to have found you.”

American Idol winner Maddie Poppe performs "Going Going Gone" at the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards!

Fans reactions:

Farrah Carroll I have a little one with Down syndrome and we listen to it in the car ALL THE TIME! She screams the lyrics! We love you!

Barbara Dudley The first of many music videos to come. I'll be watching for it. Very exciting news! Congrats!

K.c. Smith Can't wait till tomorrow, I love your voice, style and the person you are. Never forget Maddie, no matter how famous you become.

Samantha Godinez I played this and when it stopped my 8 yr old said hey! Play it again I like this song! …..I was so excited to see you win, you deserve this! Love the song and you!

Jen Swart Sohre I just surprised the kids on Sunday with tix to the American Idol show in Sioux Falls in August. We are all so excited to see you perform! Can’t wait for the cd!

Stephen Robert Maddie, don't take this personally that you are my 2nd favorite winner in idol istory. Sorry but, I'm in love with Kelly Clarkson.. Maddie Can't wait to see you on tour. Ps .. Stay true to your beliefs that WON you this title!

Grateful Carroll When I made my move across the country back in 2000, the first song on my road trip mixed tape (yes, a cassette tape) was the indigo girls' "get out the map"…I almost wish I had to go on a road trip now bc I'd surely have this song start the trek!

Kayleigh Rose I sang this song to my two month daughter earlier and she was all smiles; we love you and your music

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