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Maddie Poppe Funny Moments – American Idol 2018

Maddie Poppe Funny Moments 

Maddie shared on her facebook page

Happy Birthday to my best friend. Not only my sister, but a wonderful, smart, selfless, loving, genuine, carefree & beautiful young girl. You make me laugh to no end Emma, and lately I know it’s been hard being away from each other but you have been my biggest supporter through it all & I can’t thank or love you enough for understanding me throughout this whirlwind of a process. I’ve never known someone to love or care about others so deeply. Your compassion shows through and through and you truly have a heart of gold. I want to wish you the best of luck today competing at state track, I’m so proud of you and all the hard work you put into every ounce of everything you do. You’ve got one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known and I would be absolutely 100% lost without you. I love you with all of my heart sis, I love you so unconditionally, you’re the absolute best.

Catie Turner is such an unbelievably special person to me. I am so blessed to have had her walk into my life. I can honestly say that she is without a doubt the most talented person I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Catie is someone who from the beginning of this competition, I 100% thought would walk away with the title, and to be honest, should have. This girl has the world in the palm of her hand and will do such great things. I love this girl so unconditionally and I am so grateful to have found a FOREVER friend

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