Maddie Poppe Sings Don’t Ever Let Your Children Grow Up American Idol Finale

Maddie Poppe Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up

Maddie will be back this Sunday and Monday in the Top 3 of American Idol 

In “Don’t Ever Let Your Children Grow Up,” Poppe sings: “When you walked up to school and everyone there was your best friend.”

That line resonates with anyone who grew up in a small town. The connection between the community and its schools is second to none. Maddie taps into that sense of pride, even when she puts down the guitar.

Maddie has given back to Clarksville schools in many ways, whether it’s been working with kindergarteners or face painting for a school celebration. She loves her roots and it shows

Maddie’s songwriting paints the picture of dreaming big in a small town. “We would swing on the swings and jump off, pretending we could fly.” As she sings that line, I can't help but think of Clarksville, a community and a school district creating a foundation for the next dream to be realized.

Maddie Poppe`s Mother shared on her face page to call for her fans to vote for Maddie

" Tomorrow is a really big day and I need to ask one more huge favor. WE have the power to help Maddie win this thing this weekend but it will take everyone. The competition is fierce! I’m asking you, as her mom, to vote for Maddie 30 times tomorrow starting at 7 pm (more if you have another email). Please share this post far and wide and reach out to encourage all your friends and family to vote too! Love you all"

On American Idol Finale, she sings three songs for her American Idol Idol Performance.

Be sure to check back here for video

Tonight, she sings " Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up" (orginal ) for her American Idol Season 16 finale performance

Maddie Poppe sings Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up, an original song written and recorded by Maddie Poppe

Maddie Poppe Sings Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up Lyrics:

That was the way, that was the way it was

When you're five years old and don't have no where else to run

Except into your mothers arms where she held you so tight

And you're scared of the dark so you sleep with your little night light

When you walked up to school and everyone there was your bestfriend

When you learn your numbers and shapes and played pretend

You didn't mind that your hair was a mess you were so carefree

You didn't know how cold and cruel this world would one day be

We were just so young

We should have known, we should have known

That one day we'd hate our bodies and we'd orbit around buttons on a phone

We should have known

That one day we'd pluck our eyebrow hairs and wonder why the cool kids stare at me

Oh why'd it have to be Our imaginations have run dry

We hate ourselves and then have a nighty cry

And then we act like we're fine It's alcohol and bums and drugs

Don't ever let your children grow up Oooohhhhhh

You would swing on the swing and jump off and pretend we could fly

But as soon as we blinked we grew up and we're junior high

So our dads dropped us off at the park and we stayed out till ten

So the makeup comes out and we think we need the perfect boyfriend

We were just so young how didn't we know

How didn't we know

That we'd be independent on our own

And lose more friends while traveling down the road

Oh, how didn't we know

That there's more to life than sleepovers

And jocks turned out worse than the science nerds

Somehow that all gets blurred

Some relationships they end real fast

And though you want you might never get it back

The doors close just like that It's depression and it's broken love

Don't ever let your children grow up


We're no longer young so now that we know

So now that we know

That this world could use some turning round If only we could find some common ground

But it's up to us

And although at times it gets so rough

You have gotta let your children grow up

Yeah you have gotta let your children, gotta let your children grow up

Fans reacted to Maddie Poppe Sings Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up


" You went to my school in 2017 and sang for us and u inspired me to sing. You are so good. I cried because u were so good and u inspired me, love Maddie Poppe Sings Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up so much".

Steve LaPrade

"I just heard “Going Going Gone”— great song. I’ve loved every song that I’ve heard you sing ever since the Rainbiw Song at your audition. And you’ve written some great songs as well. You have a unique voice that outshines even the original voices on the songs that you cover. I’d love to hear you sing some songs that Karen Carpenter made famous, such as “Top of the World”, “We’ve Only Just Begun”, or “Goodbye to Love”. You’ve got an old soul for such a young talent, and the ability to use your voice to bring back old classics. I’ve cast all of my votes to you each week, and I’m looking forward to you being the next American Idol:

Melissa DiMaggio

" With all do's way to overproduced. I would much just rather hear your beautiful voice. I have LOVED every performance that you have done on American Idol. You are one of a kind and even though I like the song in itself I would much rather prefer the raw Maddie version, really love Maddie Poppe Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up".

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