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Maddie Poppe Sings “The Bare Necessities” From “The Jungle Book” – Disney Night

Maddie Poppe Disney 

Maddie Poppe Disney – In case you missed last night's performance of "The Bare Necessities" on American Idol's Disney Night! Thank you so much for voting me into the top 7! Don't be afraid to like and share this article with your friends, and please help spread the word to VOTE VOTE VOTE for me next week!

Starting at the beginning of the episode next Sunday night, you can vote by texting the number 10 to 21523, download the app and vote on the website! Remember, each person can vote 30 times per contestant and you can vote 10 times total on each platform! Please help get me to the top 5 of AMERICAN IDOL! Thank you all so much for all the love and support!

Fans reacted to Maddie Poppe Disney 

Jennifer Fatale You’re so timeless! Your performance of homeward bound brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the great work 

Sean P. Keenan When you sing, you have a look in your eye that connects with the listener and makes them feel as if only you and them share a secret and you're singing just to them, love Maddie Poppe Disney performance

Joey Wickline I can't take anything away from the other singers but if this is truly about talent… you're the next American Idol!!! Your voice is amazing!

Shaleena Hall You are, by far, the best! I look forward to seeing what your future holds during and after Idol. And I look forward to you releasing your own songs.

Peggy Malone Thanks for sharing!! As I didn’t get a chance to catch you Live!! Many congratulations!! Your pure refreshing voice radiates your inner beauty! You remind me so much of a gal that you know, who is very close to my heart!! Kristyn Harris

Jean Breitkreutz You nail it every time, its amazing. Im sure your getting tons of suggestions but I cant help but wonder how beautifully you could sing landslide by stevie nixt

Tommy Coskrey OMG You are seriously Awesome!!! I now have heard this song and Roller Skates and have just been drawn to your voice and personality. Keep doing what you do as you are Special, love Maddie Poppe Disney 

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