Maddie Poppe Cedar Rapids Concert: It`s Free, Date, Time, Schedule

Maddie Poppe will play free concert in Cedar Rapids

Maddie Poppe Cedar Rapids Concert

Cedar Rapids Market After Dark averages 30,000 people each year, but this year it could be even bigger. 

American Idol winner Maddie Poppe will put on a free concert at the event. 

Plans for the concert were in the works long before Poppe's Idol success. 

"We actually booked her in February of 2018, so earlier this year before we even knew she was on American Idol," says Melissa McCarville, Communications Manager at Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance. 

Maddie Poppe the Winner of American Idol 2018's top 10 most amazing performances and auditions!

There was a slight concern Poppe would have to cancel her plans in Cedar Rapids if she won American Idol. 

"There was a moment we thought, oh if she wins we might have to re-adjust. We might need a plan b for someone for entertainment and it actually ended up working out that we contacted them and they said no we still really want to make this work," McCarville told us. 

It's something the economic alliance is very grateful for. 

They are working on plans to accommodate the potential for even larger crowds. 

"We're going to work with the city of Cedar Rapids and our police department and our fire department and really figure out how best and where best that location is going to be," McCarville  says. 

"American Idol" finalist Maddie Poppe sings "Homeward Bound" with her father during a special welcome home concert at the Butler County Fairgrounds in Allison on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

One this is for sure, Poppe will take the stage somewhere in downtown Cedar Rapids on August 25th. 

She will perform at 6:30 p.m. 

The American Idol tour does not include any stops in Iowa. 

Viewers reacted  to Maddie Poppe Cedar Rapids Concert

Donita Krueger She should appear at Sturgis Falls. Would be biggest crowd ever

Pam Haun I Love her…they had over 10.000 people greet her in her hometown of Clarksville.Such a SWEETHEART…I have her C.D.on my kitchen counter to listen too.She has one heck of a BEAUTIFUL FUTURE ALL LAID Out for her, can`t wait Maddie Poppe Cedar Rapids Concert

Andrea Van Pelt So happy for Maddie! She deserved it and worked her butt off all season. & obviously America agrees bc she won. Everyone needs to quit crying about Gabby needing to win, it's starting to become ridiculous! Get on with y'alls lives and be happy for Maddie and her future. Gabby will have a career in this , I'm sure. But for now be happy for Maddie! Good grief !

Sara Young I am so happy she won. Her voice is so unique, so graceful. Definitely not a cookie cutter artist. She deserved it. And just because the others didn't win that doesn't mean they won't be an artist in the future. I am 100% certain Caleb will be signed by a record label and I'm pretty sure Gabby will too. Everyone just needs to breathe

Na O Mi So cute that they are together. Usually not the best wins because the runners up don’t need to win & will do well anyway. However she was the most unique and different out of the three. Had a more unique voice and style than the others and that’s why she won. Every performance of hers was different while seeming professional. Not like something you’d hear on the radio or from anyone else. Hopefully any new music she makes will have that same quality.

Pat Smylie Maddie was my favorite since mid season. I never thought she would win because she didn’t wear enough sparkles! She is a great singer and I wish her the best. really love Maddie Poppe Cedar Rapids Concert

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