Maddie Poppe Sings “Brand New Key” Top 24 Solo

Maddie Poppe Brand New Key

American Idol Top 24, they’re splitting the 24 of contestants into two groups where half of them will be shown last week and the other half will be shown this week! American Idol continues Sunday with the second group of top 24 contestants.

Maddie Poppe, 20, of Clarksville, appeared on the premiere episode of the renewed reality TV show, received a golden ticket to Hollywood and earned heaps of praise from judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

She posted on her facebook page"

" 10 schools in 7 days & some 3,000 kids later! I had such a great time the past few days visiting these area schools! Thank you Denver, Tripoli, Jesup, Waverly-Shell Rock, North Butler, Lou Henry, Clarksville, Aplington-Parkersburg, Gladbrook-Reinbeck and Nashua-Plainfield for having me and even more so, for believing in me ALWAYS.

All of these local towns have always been so good about supporting me even when I had absolutely nothing going on in my music career. It means so much that everyone has been here for me through thick and thin, no matter what. So many other schools have reached out to ask for a visit, and right now due to being on the show, the timing just isn’t right. However once the show is over I’d love to meet you ALL! "

Maddie says Top 24 was her only goal. Why not No. 1? Bobby asks. She’s afraid of failure. Bobby warns that fear will keep her from reaching her goals. I HATE THIS SONG WITH THE SEARING WHITE HEAT OF 10 THOUSAND SUNS.
A big hit in the 70’s, Melanie’s little triviality hasn’t aged well. In any case, Maddie delivers a spirited version of the song. She comes alive on stage. Terrific tone, intonation and phrasing. And she seems so confident, despite confessing to insecurity. Luke has never heard that song before. “That song caught me up in the little artistry thing you’ve got.” Katy calls her “infectious” and that she knows who she is as an artist. She calls her a star. A complete package, Lionel calls her, adding that she’s on the right road. Ryan brings her dad on stage, who was singing along in the audience, for an awkward duet. 

Monday night’s episode will be a round of celebrity duets, Maddie Poppe & Colbie Caillat (with guitar) – "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat for their Top 24 All-Star Duets performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

Maddie Poppe sings Maddie Poppe (with guitar) – "Brand New Key" by Melanie for her Top 24 Solo performance in front of a live audience and Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.

Maddie Poppe sings "Dreams" by Brandi Carlile and Cade Foehner sings "The Thrill Is Gone" by BB King during Hollywood Week on American Idol 2018.

Maddie Poppe sings The Bare Necessities (Jungle Book) for her Top 10 performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.


Maddie Poppe auditions

See Maddie Poppe's take on "Rainbow Connection" when she auditions for American Idol in front of celebrity Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

Viewers reacted to Maddie Poppe Brand New Key

Destiny Brooke We need more artist who have talents like this and song writing in our lives! Id love to hear her if she came out with an album

Rommel López

Maddie Poppe Brand New KeyShe hit me right in the feels man, tears were shed not gonna lie, she is def the dark horse of this season, looking foward for her next performances

Christopher Montemayor “I hope I did enough to get through to the the next round. I mean they were looking at me the whole time, and they seemed into it. idk, I hope so…” 
she doesn’t even know she won the internet

Stephanie Dawson This girl has serious talent. She is the whole package. This year has really lacked talent so far but she has given me hope. We better see her in the finale!

Dani Cole Been her fan since the beginning! Saw her at Butler County Fair know all her originals and even have her can coozie from the fair

Christi Morris Shires

I LOVE this beautiful and talented girl! That song definitely pulls at the heart strings! I would purchase it for my playlist. she will be top 10 

Trinity Zesch She visited our school to perform for children and young adults with various learning disabilities, they adored her. She was so sincerely sweet and this was BEFORE she had American Idol votes to worry about.

Deborah Lewis Katy needs to stop making faces and winking of eye lids..and motioning for sound to go down or up…she should be listening to contestents…she just not judge matetial…my opinion…

Crystal Marie I would not want to be a judge this year..many of these artist are very passionate ..never seen passion like this in any season..and the originals are so amazing! Very impressed this season

Rhiannon Macauley I started crying from the phone call between her and her dad without even hearing the song yet. What a loving and encouraging father. She is so lucky to have that kind of support. No wonder as to why she has turned out to be the beautiful girl she is, love Team Maddie Poppe Shirt

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