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Maddie Poppe American Idol Winner

This week, I wondered, what was the turning point for America?

Those of us who’ve been watching her Iowa performances in recent years were already sold, but was there one moment on ‘American Idol’ that put Maddie on the map for so many more across the country?

There’s no easy answer, but it’s hard to dismiss the night she sang Melanie’s ‘Brand New Key.’ The look on Katy Perry’s face when she turned to fellow ‘Idol’ judge Luke Bryan first and then Lionel Richie spoke volumes. You could take and twist the song’s lyrics to better understand the impact of her performance that night. ‘I’ve been looking around awhile and (Maddie’s) got something for me.’

Instead of looking for a brand new key, America has been searching for a brand new sound. What they heard was a pure voice with an unforgettable falsetto. Combine that with a versatile skill set on guitar, ukulele or piano and the millions watching knew there was no one else like Maddie in this competition. But while that moment might’ve opened the door to many more supporters, there had to be something else to get them to stay. And once again, Maddie delivered.

Well Maddie Poppe American Idol Winner, It’s not only her style turning heads and melting hearts. It’s her substance. Midwestern modesty. A genuine smile and support for her fellow competitors. Nothing but ‘thank you’ to the judges and viewers. Maddie is soft spoken. Her lyrics move the needle on stage, but her actions off stage create a foundation for a transcendent career by a musician from Iowa.

All it took for me to understand that was a single moment in March.

Maddie was back home from Hollywood for a short break. In the midst of a very busy schedule, she drove 30 minutes out of her way from Clarksville to Cedar Falls to surprise a 12-year-old for lunch. That 12-year-old is my daughter who’s been watching Maddie perform at schools, restaurants and on RAGBRAI the past few years. She would tell everyone, ‘You have to hear Maddie Poppe sing!’ She convinced me, her mom, her siblings, friends and classmates, long before Maddie Poppe’s debut on ‘American Idol’ and Maddie never forgot. She knew surprising my daughter would make her day and it has 62 times over since mid-March.

RESULTS Maddie Poppe Winner American Idol 2018 REVEALED American Idol 2018 Grand Finale Winner

Maddie Poppe sings hers coronation song "Going Going Gone" at the American Idol Finale

Maddie Poppe sings "Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up" at the American Idol Finale

Maddie Poppe sings "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac at the American Idol Finale

Her voice elicits an emotion, but the other characteristics create an everlasting connection. That's why I love Maddie Poppe American Idol Winner so much.

That moment is the only thing I needed to know about Maddie to understand her authenticity, her love of people and why I root for her so much.

Back to the lyrics from the song, ‘Brand New Key.’ As viewers and fans, we hold the key and I think ‘we should get together’ by voting for Maddie during the ‘Idol’ finale, but also show our support long after the competition ends. Because no matter what happens this Sunday and Monday, Maddie Poppe will always be Iowa’s Idol and much like Maddie does for others, we should forever remember the joy she has brought to our lives.

Here's how to vote beginning May 21 & 22:

You can vote for Maddie Poppe American Idol Winner on Sunday night when the show starts at 7pm CST by text, online or by downloading the American Idol app. If you do all three you can vote for her a total of 30 times! Also, one change is that the voting window will stay open until 8am on Monday so make sure to tell all of your family and friends to vote.

Text 10 to 21523, download the American Idol app, and visit to vote for Maddie!

America voted Maddie Poppe into the final 3 on American Idol Sunday night. Here is Maddie with her mom on Mother's Day, and performing the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows."

Maddie Poppe and mom Tonya FULL SEGMENT Mother's Day 

Tonya is a huge supporter of Maddie on the road to American Idol 2018 finale. She shared her thought on Maddie Poppe:

" As a parent, you want nothing more than your child to be happy and pursue their dreams. While she’s been chasing that dream in LA, I don’t think Maddie could even comprehend the magnitude of love and support back home in Clarksville, the state of Iowa and in America, for that matter. There’s a reason we decided to raise our family in the small town of Clarksville.

I will be forever grateful for the amazing love and support you all have shown Maddie and our family throughout this journey and especially during her hometown visit. What an unforgettable day! Maddie loves where she comes from and it will always be the place she calls hone. I don’t know what the outcome of this finalweekend will be but I do know this-because of all of you, Maddie had the best day of her life and said her hometown visit gave her the confidence she needs to finish this crazy thing out. We love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts".

More on Maddie Poppe American Idol Winner:

What songs she will be singing?

Poppe`s performances during the American Idol 2018 finale nights:

Maddie Poppe, Bebe Rexha and Top 3 Finalists sings “Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha

Maddie Poppe and Kermit the Frog sing “Rainbow Connection” from “The Muppet Movie”

Maddie Poppe, Lionel Richie and Top 10 Finalists sing “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie

Especially, Poppe released her new single  “Going Going Gone” I am totally impressed. She has won me over as well as many others.

Maddie Poppe sings  "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac for her American Idol 2018 finale

Maddie Poppe sings Landslide during a concert at the Butler County Fairgrounds in Allison on Tuesday May 15, 2018.

Maddie Poppe sang Landslide as a special tribute to her hometown at the American Idol hometown visit concert.

"American Idol" finalist Maddie Poppe sings "Homeward Bound" with her father during a special welcome home concert

'Hypnotic' Maddie Poppe is first Iowan to advance to 'American Idol' finals. I hope you love all her performance and support her. love Maddie Poppe American Idol Winner so so much.

"If you live in a big city and you're not happy, move to Clarksville. We'll put a smile on your face."

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