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Maddie Poppe American Idol Songs

Two of the most humble, genuine men you’ll ever meet. Everybody deserved to make it through to the finale, they truly did. That’s why I feel so incredibly grateful to have made it this far. It is UNREAL & I want to thank you all so much! Your love means more than you’ll ever know.

Although my heart is so full, often it’s difficult to celebrate knowing you have to part ways with some of your best friends. I met Cade the first day of Hollywood week because we were in the same line of ten. Since then I’ve made so many memories with him and know our friendship will last a lifetime. Michael is hands down, without a doubt the happiest, bubbliest person I’ve ever met.

Maddie Poppe American Idol Songs Maddie Poppe 

A bad day or mood could turn right around within five minutes of being with him. Michael could out-sing me any day & makes me laugh to NO END. I just can’t say enough great things about these two. I love you both so much & CANNOT WAIT to tour with you this summer! 

Maddie Poppe American Idol Songs

Maddie Poppe Sings “I Told You So” by Carrie Underwood for her American Idol Top 5 performance

Maddie Poppe Sings “I Told You So” by Carrie Underwood for her American Idol Top 5 performance

Maddie Poppe sings "Nothing Compares To You" by Prince for her American Idol Top 7 performance

Maddie Poppe sings "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac at the American Idol Finale

Maddie Poppe sings "Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up" at the American Idol Finale

Maddie Poppe sings hers coronation song "Going Going Gone" at the American Idol Finale

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American Idol" finalist Maddie Poppe takes the stage for a mini-concert at the Butler County Fairgrounds on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

"American Idol" finalist Maddie Poppe sings "Homeward Bound" with her father during a special welcome home concert at the Butler County Fairgrounds in Allison on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.


Viewers reacted to Maddie Poppe American Idol Songs

Jennifer Fallaw:

" Your style reminds me of folk songs when I was little in the late 70s. It’s the kind of story telling song that grabs and keeps your attention. I hope you will bring these kinds of folk songs back. It makes people peaceful inside for just a short time. It’s calming. The world needs this now. Be a vehicle for it. You are my favorite and I vote for you every week. I see that knowing in your eyes. Someone who has suffered but still let’s that light shine through. This is what the world needs now. Not the strongest voice or the flashy show. They need light. Be it girl".

Barb Vance

" From young girl to young woman we have watched you from afar and you will always be our star, your hard work and determination has brought you this far, your talent and good looks is only over shadowed by that beautiful heart and big smile, chase your dream Cotton till God opens another door . You will go far Maddie ".

Cheryl Frampton

Maddie Poppe, although all 5 of the finalists are extremely talented, and wonderful people, you are still the standout among them!!! Please believe it!!! Also, know that you are making Iowa VERY PROUD of you! I would love to see you do a Patsy Cline song and put the Maddie Poppe spin on it!! You got this, girl!

Whitney McCall

" Maddie, you're incredibly talented and your voice puts me in a trance Everytime I hear you sing! I have a CRAZY one year old and Everytime she hears you sing, she just stops, gets quiet and stares at you. You've got this girl! You're so humble and so genuinely unique! There are plenty Gabby's and Caleb's (though they're amazing, too) out there but there aren't any other Maddie Poppe's in the music business. We need that. Looking forward to seeing you win and supporting you, love all Maddie Poppe American Idol Songs.

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