Madden 20 Apparently Thinks Christian McCaffrey Is Black

Madden 20 has come with it’s fair share of glitches, but this one has to take the cake.

A player playing the newly released game stumbled across the Panthers running back’s player profile, and well…that’s definitely not Christian McCaffery. You can clearly tell because Christina McCaffery doesn’t have a beard.  

Viewer reactioin:

Hunter Moses I never thought I’d be “that guy” but it’s honestly hard to justify spending money on madden at this point.

JP Kas Between this and the Shaqueem Griffin INT, i think Madden is pretty amazing 

James Buchanan The black delegation accepts Christian wholeheartedly. VIP access to the cookout will Be processed between 3-5 business days.

Christopher Macceo Wait… Did I watch the wrong Ed McCaffrey growing up? I must have missed something.

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