Kid Phenomenon Luke Islam Slays “Never Enough” From The Greatest Showman

Luke Islam America's Got Talent

Luke Islam – Julianne’s Golden Buzzer – Of course, the key to touching Simon’s heart is to sing a song from his favorite movie, “The Greatest Showman.” He sings a dramatic version of “Never Enough.” But is it enough? He’s a few years away from being great. There are intonation problems and he’s not quite mature enough to grasp the song’s meaning. He’s still imitative. The judges are on their feet, though. Julianne feels like a “proud mama.” She says he’s a voice for all those people who have “never been enough.” She can’t wait to see him in the finals. Gabrielle calls him a world class talent. Howie is sure he’ll make it to Broadway. Queen compliments him for “being in that moment.” Hm. Simon gets no words. 

This 12 year old performer is Julianne Hough’s Golden Buzzer. After his performance, Waitress creator Sara Bareilles tweeted him congratulations.  He sticks to Broadway performing “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen.  He has a very pleasing voice and a ton of potential. He needs to work on a few vocal issues, but he’s only 12. Julianne is so proud. “That voice is undeniable,” she says. Simon compliments his confidence and poise. “You’ve done yourself really proud,” he says. Howie predicts that he’ll be starring on a Broadway stage. 

America`s got talent auditions week 6 begins tonight on NBC with 10 contestants performance, Luke will perform tonight with a song in front the Judges and audiences

What song he will sing tonight for his America`s got talent auditions tonight

He performed a duet of “The Last Night of the World” for the Broadway Star project 

She Used to Be Mine from Waitress –  He’s a 12 year old singer from Garden City New York. He loves Broadway shows. He saw his first at six years old. His dream is to be on stage some day. He’s seen Kinky Boots eight times.  Julianne is his favorite judges.

Simon hits his red x. He’s been following the Houghs for ages. And of course, he’s her Golden Buzzer. So much for suspense! He sings in a beautiful, clear tenor. I hope his eventual voice change does not mess that up. His tone is lovely. He’s still imitative at his young age, and he tends to reach blindly for runs, but there’s a ton of potential there. Julianne is crying. Gabrielle shouts “YOU KILLED IT!” Howie compliments his poise. Simon doesn’t diss him for being “Broadway.” Heh. But he does warn him not to be generic. Julianne is so flattered that he looks up to her and brother Derek that she…..HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER

"Love Is An Open Door" cover by Chaise Anderson & Luke Islam

Viewer reaction

Frankie Stoppa My favorite of the night! I was a theatre kid, too. When I found theatre, I found my voice. I could feel every emotion this kid felt. I understand his dream, and I'm beyond elated that it's coming true for him!

Doreen Kempinger I missed this tonight .. So glad I came to watch this performance! You are going to go very far! Your dreams will come true Luke! Amazing talent ! So glad you are going through.. Right to Broadway !

Kimberly Jo Shufelberger I cried when he started singing. Absolutely amazing voice and he's only 12!!!!!!! I was hoping he would get the golden buzzer. Well deserved!!

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