Luke Bryan and Gabby Barrett Live 2018

A lot of amazing things happening for me!!! Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. I don't take this blessing lightly. I wouldn't be here without thousands of you taking the time to share my videos with your friends. Truly thank you for all the comments. I fall asleep reading them every night. I know I can't respond to everyone but please know that I read them. Much Love!

Luke Bryan and Gabby Barrett

What an amazing Journey!!!! Thank you for believing in me. This kind of stuff doesn't happen without a lot of amazing people.

Gabby Barrett at Heinz Field with Luke Bryan

Gabby Barrett performs "Danger's Cabana Concert Series 2018"

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Fans reactions:

Katie Peters Gabby, I voted for you every week on American Idol …. and please don’t take this the wrong way and I mean no disrespect … but if you learn one thing from Luke … learn to stay humble in all this fame. Please stay humble! Remember your roots and remember your career depends on fans … stay humble.

Dan Hagerman The concert was great. Luke kept us laughing. He seems fun to be around. So glad he left you stay out on stage. You rocked the stage. Look forward to seeing you on the fourth and maybe finally getting a chance to meet you.

Eric Phimphrachanvongsoth Gah, Y'all are Perfect together on this!! I'd give anything for a recording of y'all doing this duet! Your harmonies are magica

Amber Eaton That is so awesome Gabby!! Luke Bryan is an amazing person! I was just at his concert in West Palm Beach on the 21st and he was very interactive with the crowd!

Casandra Picanco Unreal. I got chills listening to this. You are so talented and I am so damn happy for all the opportunities that have been coming your way. Love you Gabby 

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