Lost Voice Guy Comedian Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Final Performance

Lost Voice Guy Comedian Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Final Performance

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Britain's Got Talent has had a stunning collection of acts this series – with everything from comedians and dancers to a wartime choir and the most incredible balancing act you will ever see.

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Final tonight who will be the winner ?

Lost Voice Guy – comedian Lee Ridley who has no voice due to cerebral palsy and uses a taped recording in his act. Lost Voice Guy had his tablet working overtime for this round of quickfire questions.

Lost Voice Guy answers a selection of random questions in typically hilarious fashion.

Lee Ridley may not be able to speak but he's not going to let something like that get in the way of entertaining the BGT audience 

Prepare for your cheeks to hurt from laughing as Lost Voice Guy brings his hilarious comedy act to our Semi-Final stage.

Lost Voice Guy and The D-Day Darlings bag the first two spots in the BGT Final

Thought Lost Voice Guy couldn’t get any more hilarious? Well think again… He’s stepping onto our Grand Final stage tonight and is bringing ALL of the belly laughs with him!

What an amazing show our acts put on tonight for the BGT Grand Final! Massive congrats to all of the unbelievable talent, but there can only be one Winner…

After his UNBELIEVABLE performance tonight, Lost Voice Guy took the 2018 Britain’s Got Talent crown!

It’s time for the first ever annual BGMT Awards – and it is ALL to play for!

These prestigious Awards include all of the important things: From best ninja moves after grabbing a piece of paper, to being best at finding a car and dishing out the best greeting. But who will crowned the real Winners tonight?!

Fans reacted:

Richard Hinchliffe Feel sorry for him poor lad and fIr play to him for doing it but if he wins it's through sympathy vote I know it sounds nasty but there's better acts than him

Andy Smiley Bailey Lost voice guy to win. Not having a good time atmo and so I watch he's video and he cheers me up.

Mike Smith The running order is going to be crucial, if Robert White or Lost Voice Guy are in the final 2 it's going to be a big advantage. You can just see them closing the show with The D Day Darlings getting the whole audience singing along while waving flags to try to push them to win 

Miriam Sanders Im going to vote for the one that has a great future within this hectic industry and not just a one off – get the money, meet royalty and never hear of them again….I VOTE GRUFFYDD WYN…..I think Lee (Lost Voice Guy) is great but i dont think he's suitable for large gigs and a heavy work load….Pob Lwc i ti Gruff x

Susan Butcher Wether people find him funny or not Lost voice guy has as much right to be in the final the same as all the other contestants who are in the final, good on him and hope that he does win


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