America’s Got Talent 2018 Lord Nil Quaterfinals Performance


Escape artist – First scorpions, then alligators. What’s next? Nil has been with his partner for 8 years. Oh great. He’s not the only one in danger. If he screws up, she’ll fall into a pit of rattlesnakes! It’s her very first escape, supposedly. She’s doing it…because she loves him. How romantic. Hm. He’s chained up, inside a tank of water. Once she’s free she’s got to save him. She hands him a key. He gets out before he drowns. Mel buzzes. She looks distraught though. Last time, she felt the act was too dangerous. She still does. Heidi says, “You have to be alive to spend that million bucks.” Simon thinks they step it up very week. He wants to put Heidi and Mel in the pit. Howie thinks it will be their first viral moment.

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