America's Got Talent 2018 Lord Nil Audition Performance

Lord Nil’s Dangerous Escape From Scorpions – America’s Got Talent 2018

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Lord Nil Audition

Lord Nil performs a death-defying act where he has to escape from a locked case before dozens of scorpions land on his head!

Viewers reacted to Lord Nil Audition

Rex-Kun Cabrera Meanwhile, Scientists, are still trying to understand why a circular pizza is kept in a square box and eaten in triangles.

Madeline Joan Minardi yes, everyone, obviously it was fake. a lot of these acts are. it’s about your ability to perform and entertain. and it looks like he did that really well based on everyone’s reactions.

Janice Palmintera – Ondulick They look like Emperor scorpions which are not deadly. Bite feels like a bee sting

Romesh Laishram He intentionally dropped the knife to attract the audience..Simon knew it, it was all planned.

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