Top 5 Lord Nil America's Got Talent: Eaten Alive By Alligators

Lord Nil Nearly Eaten Alive By Alligators In Dangerous Stunt – America’s Got Talent 2018

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 Lord Nil America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts 4 continue tonight. The contestants judges Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell choose during this round will join the Golden Buzzer acts in the LIVE shows.

Lord Nil left with shattered bones last time he tried this escape. Per Simon Cowell's request, he upped the ante by including alligators. Catch him hanging upside down in a straight jacket by ropes on fire… it's insanely dangerous.

Lord Nil performs a death-defying act where he has to escape from a locked case before dozens of scorpions land on his head!

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Viewer react to   Lord Nil America's Got Talent

Kristina Elizabeth Strang-Loera I hope to educate everyone that alligators are not aggressive and I was more worried about the alligators than the performer. I was worried he would fall on top of one of them and seriously injure the animal. Possibly killing it.

Christie Bouma Hoekstra If you look closely at the disc the ropes are attached to, you can see that the brackets released from it. The ropes didn't break at all. They are control released.

Jaron Johnson I've liked the judge cuts so far except this last one the wrong people went home hope that doesn't happen this week

Hon K Yong Ye Why is the last rope burn so long and still not tear apart? I think he can control which rope to tear apart just my thought but still a good act

Kimberly Sue Ropes didn't even burn through, they dislodged from the base at a pre-determined point. He was never in danger. Went exactly as planned.

John Brown Think about it…..Do you actually think someone would do this on national TV unless it was a sure thing…..The last Rope had a steel cable running through it so it could not burn !

Clayta Green Richards I don't like this kind of stuff. Sorry about the performers who want to do this stuff, but I'm not entertained if I have to be worried you will be dead. HBP

Hkell Sorry to say I didn’t see any talent from this performance and didn’t feel being entertained by playing with your own life.

Florencio Aglubat Almirol Of course being an escape artist like Houdini is a talent!! There are escape artist every year on AGT. And of course Simon would suggest an alligator because he wants ratings. And of course Nil accepted the alligator challenge because he wants to win. So why would you try to analyze how he did the trick? So you could not enjoy it? Why don't you go to the magic show and tell everyone how the tricks are done? SMH at ridiculous comments. Are you not entertained by the risk of life?! Excellent execution Lord Nil!

Mark Blau What was holding him were the cables. The rope did not burn through. If you look at the end he had a metal release that was being released when he wanted it to. If had been the ropes actually burning through they would have broken in the middle but if you notice the burning ropes are all intact. Not even worth the price of admission to watch. He is not doing anything new that has not been done before. love  Lord Nil America's Got Talent

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