Nate Walker Sings Through His Sickness at Hollywood Week – American Idol

Seventy singers remain. 30 will go home.  On to the final solos, which will be performed with the full band. Bandleader Kris Poole is in the house. After the performances, the singers will be split up into three rooms. You know the drill! The judges will visit each room to either deliver great or devastating news.  A Top 40 will emerge from this round. 

Logan Johnson, Nate Walker, Gazzie White, Ruthie Craft – HOLY COW. This performance is atrocious. Longan forgets his words. the rest of the group sounds horrible. Nate is awful. TRAINWRECK. Luke understands that he’s sick, but he must give the judges his full part. He starts and stops. The judges urge him on. He does finish. He’s being such a baby about this. And, inexplicably the entire group is through to the next round. What. The. Hell. Logan, Nate, Gazzie and Ruthie through to the next round.

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