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 Logan Johnson American Idol 

 Logan MAY have a little crush on Julia. Logan will be singing the Niall part. He’s nervous because the feedback on his solo wasn’t great. “I really don’t want to mess up tonight,” he says. His tone is pretty, but too languid. He’s so tentative, he needs to SING OUT. Dynamics are your friend, Logan. Julia totally dominated him in this performance. Julia thinks Logan was a different person on stage vs the rehearsal. Lionel felt he passed the test. “You did a great job at listening,” he says. “I was hanging on every word of that song,” says Katy. “Always take every opportunity you can for you vocals to push through…push a little more,” says Luke. THIS is what I’m sayin. 

American Idol 2019 Season 17 episode 2 TONIGHT on ABC at 8 pm ET/PT.  Featured on the panel are Lionel Richie,  Katy Perry and Luke BryanRyan Seacrest returns to host 

Logan Johnson, 20, from Boise, Idaho. Logan is  a golf shop attendant and has wanted to be on American Idol since age 5.  What song he will be singing tonight for his American Idol audition performance

Sober by Demi Lovato – It’s been his dream to audition for Idol his entire life. His older brother struggled with drug abuse, and sadly, so did her. Logan was addicted to painkillers. He believes he put his family through hell. His mother talks about how hard it’s been. Finally, he got clean. “Our family really needs a win right now. Something positive,” says Mom. He’s 8 months sober. Hm.

Maybe too soon to jump into a stressful competition like American Idol. He performs a sweet, if unremarkable performance of “Sober.” Luke thinks he’s incredible. He likes his look. “These girls are going to lose their minds.” Luke compares him to Timberlake. Really? Katy wants to find an additional gear for his voice. Yes. That’s the problem. I kept waiting for me. They bring the family in for the vote. Katy warns the family to look after each other. Good advice. – 3 yeses

Logan Johnson sings "Sensible Heart" by City And Colour in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie at Hollywood Week.

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Can he advance to the American idol 2019 Hollywood Week Contestants List

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