Livestream: The annual White House Correspondents

Livestream: The annual White House Correspondents

The annual White House Correspondents' Dinner takes place.

Người đăng: Fox News vào 28 Tháng 4 2018

Viewers reacted:

Dee Tang Pretty sad so many people here are attacking the press and acting like sheep no matter how many thousands of lies are being told. 

Terrie Minton McKeone So glad our awesome President skipped this event, they would only try to ridicule him as always

Sal Chavez Wow, if you care about freedom and the truth? Too bad they don’t live and die by that creed!

Chris Le Fave "As a personal Privelege"? So it's okay to have priviledge? Cool! We get to leave whites alone for their…. "privilege

Jolie Smith Awards for getting an Award! The Media has lost their relevance when it became a self indulgent propaganda machine.

Mkhitar Velyan Please Stand if you're a communist, I mean socialist, I mean democrat.

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