Livestream: President Trump and the first lady are expected to honor the late Billy Graham

We’re at the US Capitol, where President Trump and the first lady are expected to honor the late Billy Graham, an evangelical minister who died at the age of 99 last week. Lying in honor is a rare distinction for an American — and an official embrace of the religious leader from the halls of government.

President Trump and the First Lady attend the arrival ceremony in honor of the Reverend Billy Graham.

Người đăng: The White House vào 28 Tháng 2 2018

Viewers reacted:

Jeff McDowell Say and do unto others as you wish upon yourself ! Remember the same could be said upon your parents as well. So to all those whom have nothing but hate in your hearts weather it be for Graham or anybody else will come and be just as bad for you 1k fold . You should have nothing but love for those not only in this country but the world as well !

Linda Machell White My condolences to Graham family m. Praise God! Billy Grahm’s message of God’s love follows after the students of Parkland, Florida went to the Nation’s Capital. God wants their attention.

Traci Vazquez Reith He was JUST a man no better than anyone else. He will be judged the same as everyone else Stop putting him on pedestal!

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