LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa,

Livesteam President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa 2020

President Trump is in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a Make America Great Again Rally!

“I just spoke to the highly respected Mayor of Tulsa, G.T. Bynum, who informed me there will be no curfew tonight or tomorrow for our many supporters attending the #MAGA Rally. Enjoy yourselves – thank you to Mayor Bynum!”

Saturday, June 20, 2020: LIVE all day coverage of President Donald Trump’s MAGA/KAG rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. Our live coverage will begin at 12:00 pm CDT, with President Trump scheduled to speak at 7:00 pm CDT.

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“Informed Dr. Fauci this morning that he has nothing to do with NFL Football. Forced Democrat run Minnesota to bring in the National Guard & end rioting & looting after seeing the destruction & crime in Minneapolis. 100% successful! Waiting to hear from Dem run Washington State as to whether they want help in taking back Seattle. Ready to move quickly! Damage to various Democrat run Cities & States, including statue demolition, should not be allowed to happen. Ready to solve problem quickly! Federal Government is Ready, Willing & Able! Tucker Carlson.”

“Wow, I finally agree with failed political consultant Steve Schmidt, who called Wacko John Bolton “a despicable man who failed in his duty to protect America.” Also stated that he should never be allowed to serve in government again. So true! Plain and simple, John Bolton, who was all washed up until I brought him back and gave him a chance, broke the law by releasing Classified Information (in massive amounts). He must pay a very big price for this, as others have before him. This should never to happen again!!!”

Viewer react to President Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa 2020

Jerry Baker Wish you would come to my small town in Kansas. We would be honored to have you here. Thank you for the great job you are doing Mr Presiden

Cristen Stadjuhar Finnell Lord please wrap everybody up in the white light of your love and protection. Please protect everyone from Covid. Help this be a safe beautiful amazing event which will breed patriotism and kindness and unity in our communities. ament.

Alita Knupp Kiss Father, I plead the blood of Christ over this courageous man. I thank You for Your protection over him and his family. I thank You that he is on the side of righteousness and decency. I thank You for what he has accomplished in spite of those working tirelessly against him. I thank You that no weapon formed against him shall prosper. In the mighty name of Jesus Amen!

Shelly Hay Can you please come rescue Washington state???? With how much the excuse for mayors and a governor are giving into the anarchy, I don’t know that we’re going to have much of a state left by the time voting day comes around

Melissa Bobbitt Praying for you mr president. I pray you have the right security and everything goes your way tomorrow. I pray everyone is safe and no one does anything to cause harm. This is a scary world right now and we all need to pray.

Robert Williams See now this just shows great character strengths and leadership when a man can actually come out and say incorrect himself when he was wrong but when he agrees with someone he agrees with them greatest president ever brought us through pandemic in no time and is saving jobs from leaving America to go to China which happens to be biden’s favorite customer or at least it shows through the last 40 years he’s been in office

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