Live Stream: President Donald Trump Rally in Moon Township, PA 3/10/18

LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally in Moon Township, PA 3/10/18

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Live Stream: President Donald Trump Rally in Moon Township, PA 3/10/18

President Donald J. Trump holds a rally at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township, PA. Watch our all day live stream coverage beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern time.

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Sheila Garrett Get rid of Monsanto, now known as Bayer, GMO food, the inferior meat products processed in other countries, stop fluoridating our water, stop spraying and killing our bees and trees.

Joe Krim Coolest president of all time..thanks for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol..and excited to see the US and other contries training with IDF

Norma Leardi California, Texas, Arizona vote the Liberal Mayors out!!! They Want to keep illegal criminals in our country!!
Christine Dodge lD live next to Canada the railroad runs right past are home when it goes to Canada its empty when comes back it's full so sometimes not right

Akhanada Bharath Today so many country's leaderships women's girls human rights probalams women's girls no freedom radical Islam terrorism dress codes attack probalams how to save everyone pople need working digital world

Pam Kay Mia Moore: Glad my son doesn't have you for his teacher and he's well above grade level. Do you spew your trash to your students?


Steven Westmoreland Attempt JFKing This President I don’t think the Bunkers would do liberals and Globalist much good, Just saying the people are wide awake now thanks to anxious over zealous outsourcing , Now known as the Great Wakening

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