President Trump Welcome Home Three American Returnees from North Korea

Live President Trump Welcomes Home Three American Returnees from North Korea

Watch LIVE as President Trump and Vice President Pence welcome home Secretary of State Pompeo and three American returnees from North Korea

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives at Joint Base Andrews ahead of the three Americans freed from North Korea

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President Donald J. Trump, along with First Lady Melania Trump, arrive at Joint Base Andrews to welcome the three Americans freed from North Korea.

Viewers reactions:

Tonya Mauck Ebert This is so amazing and refreshing, versus making deals with countries to line one's pockets. God Bless Donald J. Trump, his administration, & all involved to get these hostages released. I am certain that it will make Mother's day a bit more special this year for these 3 gentlemen and their families… Welcome back & job well done!!!! BTW, So glad to see at 2 am he is up, along with his wife waiting on them to touchdown instead of ignoring the call of duty like a previous administration!!!

 President and First Lady up at 2:20 in the morning ready to welcome home Americans citizens. History is being made! Detained American released because of this Man. First we thanks God then thanks him We are so lucky to have this POTUS guys!

Beverly Rowe Great President Trump meeting this plane no other President in History has ever done that…God Bless Him.

Wayne Fox Remember Killary greeting those coffins of the Benghazi heroes at Andrews AFB after her actions left them for dead and then later calling their parents liars about what she told them? What a contrast.

Gail Gagnon Thank you so much mr. Trim for the families and loved ones of these three Americans that you have brought home hopefully more of those haters will back down now and see you for the man that you truly are a great commander and chief make that the greatest commander and chief I have been with you from the beginning and I have trust honor and respect for everything you stand for and total faith that you are going to make America great again

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